Top 5 Lightweight Launchers for Android Phone

Top 5 Lightweight Launchers for Android Phone

September 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    It is unnecessary to describe what is launcher in android phone. Because, Most android users know what it is. In fact, It has direct impact on your android device’s performance. So, In this article, You will know about the best lightweight launchers for android which will definitely improve your experience with ultra fast performance.

    If you are a very new android user, You may not know what an android launcher is. Launcher is a part of Android user interface which allows users to customize the phone’s desktop. But, Modern launchers can do more and let users to customize so many things. There are various popular android launcher apps available in play store or other market places. But, Most of them are resource hungry and not user friendly.

    Best Lightweight Launchers for Android Phone

    Why Do You Need a Lightweight Android Launcher:

    Of course user interface is very important. Modern users prefer stylish interface rather than a simple one. As a result, Most modern android launchers are stylish and feature heavy. But, The problem comes when you don’t have a high end smartphone. Low or mid-end smartphone means low CPU power and less RAM availability. A feature heavy launcher may tend to use more CPU power. As a result, Your smartphone may perform slowly. Sometimes, It may become extremely laggy. But, A lightweight android launcher doesn’t use more CPU or RAM. It is also very good for your smartphone’s or tab’s battery life. Personally, I suggest low or mid end smartphone users to install a lightweight launcher to get maximum performance from their devices.

    Top 5 Lightweight Launchers for Android:

    Choosing the best 5 simplest launchers from so many was a bit tricky. But, Some of them were really lite and fast but were not elegant enough. Of course, You are not looking for ugly and fast launcher apps. So, I have picked 5 best lightweight launchers based on design, simplicity and performance.

    google now launcher

    1. Google Now:

    After considering several things, I have picked Google Now as the best lightweight android launcher. This is an official launcher from Google. Water smooth performance, elegant and simple user friendly interface will attract any avid android users. Unlike other launchers, Google now is not resource hungry. According to my experience, It performs 20-30% faster than its competitors. If you start using it, You will notice improved battery life of your smartphone. In case, You are looking for an ultra fast, elegant launcher, I must recommend it to you.

    Download Google Now

    2. Holo Launcher:

    This launcher is similar to Google now. But, It’s layout is a bit different. This is also very fast and lite. Holo launcher has got popularity among a good number of users for its simplicity and amazing performance. So, You can install it in your android phone, If you are looking for a lite launcher. But, I must say it will be tough to choose one between Holo and Google Now launcher.

    Download Holo Launcher

    3. Power+Launcher-Battery Saver:

    This is actually a less known android launcher. I have selected it as 3rd best lightweight because i found it super lite and fast. It looks almost similar to the Arrow launcher by microsoft. But, It is simpler. It has a cool built-in booster which can optimize your phone’s RAM and battery usage.

    Download Power+Launcher-Battery Saver

    arrow launcher

    4. Arrow Launcher:

    It is an official launcher app from Microsoft for android users. It is lite and has some cool features. You can connect it with your microsoft account. Daily bing wallpaper is cool feature that many users like. Built in minimal weather app is another good thing you may like. After all this launcher is lite and elegant with a good number of cool features. But, You will have to enable high performance mode to get ultra fast performance from it.

    Download Arrow Launcher

    zenui launcher

    5. ZenUI Launcher:

    This is one of the most popular lightweight launchers for android. It has very user friendly interface. When i checked its performance, I found it very fast and less resource hungry. Like all major modern launcher apps, It is also customizable and has good features.

    Download ZenUI Launcher

    Actually, It is really tough to find elegant and lightweight android launchers. But, According to my experience these are top 5 ultra fast lite launchers, You can try.