Turn Off Location Based Friend Suggestions from Facebook

Turn Off Location Based Friend Suggestions from Facebook

October 28, 2018 By kirsten

    Facebook uses your phone’s location services to show random friend suggestions. It also uses your data. This suggested friend list is normally full of casual associates. It includes old friends from your high school, college and other random people. However random suggestions show you people you may don’t know or dimly familiar. This network site uses your location and match with other users living nearby.

    Turn Off This Creepy Facebook Friend Suggestions Feature:

    If I say frankly, this is a creepy feature that many don’t want to see. Thankfully there is a way so that you can get rid of it. You have to disable location services from this networking app installed on your phone. This will prevent the social network app to cooperate with matchmaking.

    However a Facebook spokesperson told location is actually no more a factor that suggests people you may know. Now the spokesperson claims that this company is not using location data that means device location or location you add to your profile to suggest people you may know. As an alternative this social networking site is showing friends suggestions based on your mutual friends, work and education information you’ve provided, networks you’re included and other many factors.

    But whatever, you may still want to disallow Facebook to access your phone’s location.

    Methods for Android Users:

    This process varies by depending on the Android device’s version and manufacturing. I will tell you about Android 6.0 Marshmallow users to disable facebook friend suggestions by using phone’s locations.

    • Go to Settings and toggle to Apps.
    • Find Facebook and click on that.
    • You will see an option called Permissions, click on that.
    • Now set the Location to Off.
    Turning off facebook location access to turn off friend suggestions on android

    Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET.COM

    People who are using other old Android version can use a Facebook through Google chrome. You can decline the location access when asked. Else, it also saves battery life of your phone.

    Methods For iOS Users:

    • Open Settings and go to Privacy.
    • Click on Location Services.
    • Now select Facebook.
    • There will be three options listed.
    • Tap on Never.
    Turning off facebook location iPhone access to turn off friend suggestions

    Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET.COM

    I hope this article will stop your concern about getting Facebook friend suggestions accessing your location. If you know any other methods to turn off this creepy feature let us know.

    source: CNET.COM