The Lumia 650 Review : Microsoft’s New Business Phone at Cheap Price

The Lumia 650 Review : Microsoft’s New Business Phone at Cheap Price

October 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    As an Apple user, I am more accustomed to its design and features. But I do steer away from their gadgets from time to time and check out what other competitors have in store for me. While there are a great number of manufacturers, models and units I have left untouched, I decide to check out what the Microsoft Lumia 650 has to offer. Hearing that it’s more suitable for business, I wanted to check it out as it may seem like something I would be able to use for my own work. Honestly, I was surprised to even find out that Microsoft manufactured not just computers and laptops, but even phones! I had to do a bit of quick research to check the previous units and check them out at the store to give myself a bit of comparison with the Lumia 650.


    The Microsoft Lumia 650 was just released a few weeks ago, with its main focus on the business side. So I would definitely recommend this for professionals who need an efficient phone for work and the like. It hasn’t been released in the US or Australia yet, and there is no announcement on the exact date yet. But it has already been released in Europe and will soon be out in the UK. So being one of the early birds testing it out, it makes me feel like I have the inside scoop!

    Microsoft Lumia 650 Review:

    Basically, it’s your typical phone with the features you would expect on any smart phone. What’s nice about this is that it has its own program and software made for and by Microsoft itself, so it’s something new for me. Upon further research, Microsoft has also got features I would enjoy. As for when I tested the Lumia 650, I can say that while I wasn’t impressed, it still managed to fit my expectations, considering the price.

    Here’s what I thought of it:


    Upon receiving the phone, I could only think of one word. Meh. It’s similar to all the other models Microsoft has released, and there’s nothing very unique or eye catching about it. But it still holds a nice design, though not very sophisticated or premium looking; it sits comfortably with my hand with the perfect size of a 5-inch screen display and rounded corners. It’s also surprisingly thin, though the headphone jack slightly protrude, which is not a major problem. The sides of the phone are aluminum metal, which makes it look better than if it were purely made of plastic, which was what the previous models were made out of. It doesn’t look like a knock off or inexpensive!


    What’s great about this newly released model is that it now uses a new system menu, Cortana, making the Lumia 650 have more customization options. Camera-wise, it captures images well, though the lighting can get a bit off. As for battery life, it isn’t impressive. It struggles to last a day and I would have expected better coming from a newly released phone. But charging time takes more or less two hours, so it saves time. It comes in dual sim with a 16GB storage with microSD optional, so that’s a plus for those who use different networks and want a phone with adequate space for their files.

    Speakers can pack a punch, so you can definitely enjoy music or videos on full blast. Performance-wise, it isn’t the best. It hangs a bit and while playing games, you’ll find that it gets slower. But what’s amusing about the Microsoft Lumia 650 (or any Microsoft phone!) is that it’s got an antenna, which reminds me of an old phone model! Funny as it is, it must help a lot with connectivity, as signal is strong no matter where you are. That, and with dual mics, it would be easier to use it when talking with multiple people on speakerphone.


    With a 5-inch screen display, the size and weight is fine, but the screen display itself poses a problem as it doesn’t look as vivid as compared to other models manufactured by Microsoft. And what’s surprising is the fact that even with new software, the Lumia 650 doesn’t carry Continuum, a feature that allows you to connect your phone to a monitor and displays documents or media files. A big downfall especially for a phone specifically designed for business. But fret not, because Microsoft is working on a way to bring that feature to lower-end devices, so just stay updated for now.

    It also happens to use a micro USB rather than the USB-C, which can also be considered as a con since this is more focused for business. The camera, while still produces adequate images, isn’t very sharp. Compared to competitors, it won’t be able to fight, to be honest.


    It may have its flaws, but with a price of $199, it’s also a good phone when on a budget. It still does the job right as a business phone, and it while it isn’t the best I have seen, it isn’t a bad investment either.

    Considering its price range, there’s nothing to complain about, really. But I would say that there are other better models from Microsoft if you would want something that delivers good results. Either way, if you’re looking for an affordable phone, this one is still a good one to consider.

    Final Verdict

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    I would say that this is a very affordable phone suitable for business. While the performance is limited, it does do the job efficiently. I wouldn’t recommend it wholly, but if you’re an avid fan of Microsoft, I’ll give this a shot! If not, I recommend the Lumia 640, which is similar. While it may not be available in the US or Australia just yet, you can check out online stores or stay updated with Microsoft to get good packages or affordable deals on the model!