Make Windows 10 Mail App Sync Faster

Make Windows 10 Mail App Sync Faster

October 27, 2018 By alberto

    Windows 10 mail app is more stable and smooth in performance than windows 8/8.1 mail app. But the only problem you may face is ‘Windows 10 app may give you new mail notification a bit later’. Because it doesn’t sync more frequently by default. This is an annoying problem. But you can make this mail app sync faster manually.

    Windows 10 Mail App Sync Problem

    How to Make Windows 10 Mail App Sync Faster:

    Making windows 10 mail app sync more often is so easy. You don’t need any thirdparty tools to do it. Because, You can do it from Windows 10 mail app settings. Anyway, To make windows 10 mail app sync more frequently, Follow the steps below-

    Step 1: Open Windows 10 Mail App

    At first you need to open Windows 10 Mail App. Just launch start menu and click on Windows 10 mail app.

    Step 2: Open Account Setting

    After opening Windows 10 mail app, Look at the left bottom. You will see the icon of setting. Click on it. Then click on Accounts. Now select your email account. Your mail account settings will be opened.

    mail app sync setting - how to

    Step 3: Change Mailbox Sync Setting

    After opening your mail account setting from windows 10 mail app, You will find an option called ‘Change mailbox sync settings‘. Click on that. After clicking on Change mailbox sync settings, You will see new options. Look at Download new email section. There you will see Based on usage. Click on that. Then choose as items arrive. Now click on Done. Then click on Save.

    windows 10 mail sync setting

    If you do all of the steps properly, You won’t get new mail notification lately. By this way, You can easily make windows 10 mail app sync faster.

    But getting new mail notification more frequently depends on your internet speed. If you have low bandwidth internet, You will be notified for new mail lately even after making mail app setting faster. So, You should make sure, You have a good internet connection.