Tweak These Settings to Make Windows 10 Boot Faster

Tweak These Settings to Make Windows 10 Boot Faster

October 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In earlier Windows versions, We saw that PC took more time to boot up. Even, Sometimes it was longer than usual. But, In windows 10 and 8, Microsoft has fixed this problem by introducing a new feature called fast startup. Still, Windows 10 boot is slower for some users. Fortunately, There are ways to speed up boot time.

    At first, We should know what things can slow down windows boot time. Normally, Windows 10 and 8.1 have fast startup feature enabled by default. If it becomes disabled for any reason, You may experience a slower boot time. Older PC takes time to boot. It is normal. But, If it happens in newer or a powerful PC, this is the real concern. An excessive amount of installed software and services also can slow loading issue. However, There are also other reasons that may affect your PC’s boot duration. You can make windows 10 boot dramatically faster by tweaking some settings and fixing some issues.

    How to Make Windows 10 Boot Faster:

    Now, I’ll guide you how you can reduce windows PC’s startup time. We will follow 3 separate steps.

    Enable Fast Startup:

    By default, Your PC must have this enabled. But, You also can verify it. To do this, Follow these steps.

    Opening Power Options WIndows 10

    Step 1: At first, We will have to go to power options. You can press Win + X from the keyboard or simply right click on start button. Then, You will see several options. Pick “Power Options” from there.

    Opening additional power settings power options windows 10

    Step 2: Now, Look at the small blue text “Additional Power Settings.” Just click on it. This will directly lead you to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

    choose what power buttons do

    Step 3: Look at the left side, You should see the options “Choose what the power buttons do” and “Choose what closing the lid does“. Click on any.

    change settings unavailable power options windows

    Step 4: Now, Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable“.

    Enable Windows Fast Startup

    Step 5: Then, Tick “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” and click on Save Changes.

    You are done. From now, You should experience windows 10 boot faster than before.

    Disable Startup Programs and Services:

    After a fresh windows installation, You may notice that your PC is faster and smoother. It takes really less time to boot up. But, When you start to use your PC regularly, You install so many necessary programs and apps. Most of their services remain active in background even if you are not using theme. Some of the programs and services load during startup. It prevents windows to boot quickly. If you really think, You should speed it up, You can disable some unnecessary startup programs and their services. It should help you to get better performance.

    Follow these to prevent unnecessary programs from launching during startup.

    • First of all, Right click on taskbar and choose Task Manager.
    • Now, Open startup tab. You will see all the startup program list.
    • To disable the unnecessary items, Just select it and click on disable. You also can right click on the item and choose disable.

    If you want to prevent some services to become active during your PC starts, Follow these instructions.

    • Open start and search msconfig. You should see the app “System Configuration”. Open it.
    • Then, Click on Services tab and check “Hide all microsoft services”.
    • Now, You will see all the third-party items that load during startup.
    • Decide what you want to disable and what you want to keep.
    • Save the changes and restart your PC.

    Tweaking these things from first two steps will improve windows boot performance and make it faster. But, If you want to make it even faster, Follow next.

    Upgrade Your PC to SSD to Get Faster Performance:

    Solid state drive was first introduced for personal computers long time ago. It’s faster, quicker and smoother than traditional hard disks. But, People are still using SATA hard disk. Because, It is cheaper and has large storage volume option. In the other hand, SSD is expensive and has not larger storage options. My suggestion is “You can use SSD as your primary drive where windows or any OS will be installed”. You can use SATA HD along with it, If you need more storage. SSD can make your PC boot time faster. Even, You will notice a clear performance difference between SATA and SSD.

    Right now, Solid State Drive price is not so expensive. You can check in Amazon or Ebay.

    Some Other Things to Speed Up Windows Boot Time:

    In fact, All of your PC hardware have direct impact on operating system performance as well as boot time duration. So, If you have an older PC, You can expect dramatical improvement for windows startup duration. Even for a new PC with less powerful hardware components, You should not expect more. If you need true improvement, You can upgrade your RAM, Processors or purchase a new powerfull PC. Else, I’ve a guide to optimize windows PC. You can read it.

    I hope, These tips will be helpful to make windows 10 boot faster. You may have any additional good method that can help other users. If yes, I’ll be happy in case you share it in the comment box.