Know About Mac’s New Malware: Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor

Know About Mac’s New Malware: Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor

October 26, 2018 By alberto

    Apple is proud to say that they experience no virus or malware on any of their devices, which is the reason why many people purchase their products. There is rarely a time where consumers end up having to install any antivirus protection programs from Apple, as they never get infected by any of these viruses competitors suffer from. Unfortunately, there has been complaints from Macbook users that a malware has been detected from their devices. Bitdefender has also announced that their researchers have found a new malware that is now focusing on Macs. It is called the Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor. This malware is known to compromise your Mac’s system completely. Not only that, but it can also have your Mac prone to hackers who have the ability to get all your information and control your Macbook via software, stealing your files, controlling webcams, and even more dangerous things. So how can you stop from Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor from coming into your Mac?

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    Here are some things to know about Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor, from how to detect it to how you can completely remove the malware from your Macbook, if you do have it.

    How does Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor affect your Macbook?

    While Macbooks are free from viruses, they are not free from hackers that are able to steal your information. There are hackers who create malware that act as something useful for users, only to end up being a malware that will compromise your Mac’s system. Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor is similar to these types of malware. It is hidden inside a file converter called EasyDoc Converter, meant to be a legitimate application to help users. But when installed, it is actually a fake software which will run a script that installs a Tor service. Once that is installed, hackers will have access to all your files and control of your Mac’s system, hindering you from working or using your Macbook at all. These hackers are able to control your Mac’s system, steal information, and run scripts through the web.

    Not only that, but they can also hack into your webcam as well! WIth a tool called “wacaw”, hackers are able to take photos and videos using your webcam, getting your personal photos for malicious use. These hackers can even send emails to other people using your account, either for blackmail or to spread the malware.

    Why Do People Hack Macbooks?

    Hackers are there for a reason. Sometimes, they can be hired by other people or companies to steal certain information from Macbooks. It can be for personal or business reasons. Most of the time, the hackers are actually someone you do not know. These are hackers that try to exploit money from you. Hackers steal your information and control your Macbook, and since you are unable to use it, they end up blackmailing or trying to get you to pay in order for them to put your Macbook back to its original state. Sometimes, viruses or malware are created by antivirus companies themselves in order to create a profit from people installing or hiring their services! It’s all about the money, unfortunately.

    Is Your Macbook Victim to Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor?

    You will be able to know if your Macbook has the malware if you have installed the EasyDoc Converter, since this certain malware is hidden only in this fake software. This happens if you have already installed and opened it, ignoring the Gatekeeper’s warning of opening the application, or having Gatekeeper disabled. Gatekeeper is the application found in your Macbook that detects any suspicious activity or applications installed into your laptop.

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    So if you have already tried to open EasyDoc Converter after bypassing Gatekeeper, then chances are that your Macbook has already been infected with the malware.

    How to Remove Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor?

    If you can still use your Macbook, then great! You will still have time to remove this malware. You can have it detected through legitimate software such as Malwarebytes or Sophos. In order to completely delete the files associated with the installed software and infected files, simply download any trusted and reliable antivirus software for Macbooks, have it detect the infected files, and delete it all.

    What to Do If You are Infected

    If you have already installed it and it is too late to remove it, then it may be time to call professionals. If your Macbook has already been compromised, you can only do so much. You can try calling in professionals to try and fix the problem, or to hack into the malware. If you have been contacted by the hackers, it’s best to call the police or to report the problem to higher officials, as well as Apple themselves in order for them to be aware of the problem. If push comes to shove and the information is very important, then you may have to adhere to the what the hackers want and pay the price, using it as a learning experience for next time. It may be a risky move, but it will be able to hopefully give you back the much-needed access to your Macbook.

    How to Prevent It From Happening Again

    If you have already removed the malware or want to prevent it from happening to your Macbook, you will be able to do so through enabling Gatekeeper from the System Preferences section of your Macbook. You can also install certain reliable software that are able to detect any malware and have it deleted. They can warn you if you are about to download anything suspicious as well.

    Remove Malware: Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor

    Last but not least, make sure that if you will be downloading anything deemed unknown to Gatekeeper or installed antivirus software, it is coming from a legitimate source that does not hold anything suspicious. It’s best to download or install software that come from legitimate sources. Always be careful in installing attachments sent by unknown senders, be alert and updated with the latest malware that can attack Macbooks at any time.