Easiest way of Removing Malware: MalwareFox Review

Easiest way of Removing Malware: MalwareFox Review

October 17, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Malware is becoming more and more of an issue as time goes by. It’s not only more dangerous but more sophisticated as well.

    It has gotten to the point where you can barely identify a program as malicious which makes it so that we won’t realize that we’re infected until it’s already too late.

    Thankfully, security programs have been created for effectively identifying and removing malware. Today we’ll be looking at one of these security programs. It’s called MalwareFox.

    Table of Contents

    1. What is Malware
    2. What is MalwareFox
    3. Installation and Setup
    4. User Interface
    5. Features and Pricing
    6. Conclusion

    What is Malware

    Ever heard someone saying that he wants to remove redirect virus? Why call it specifically a redirect virus and not malware? Let’s look a little bit into that.

    Malware refers to malicious programs. Malware, for the most part, works like any other normal program.

    The main difference between a legitimate program and a malicious one is that the malware has malicious intent in its code.

    That malicious intent could be anything from forcefully displaying ads on your screen and ruining your browsing experience to rendering your system useless.

    Which means that there are numerous types of malware. Different types of malware have different purposes and as mentioned above, some of them are more dangerous than others.

    Sophisticated Malware

    This is a rather different type of malware which has been emerging for the past few years and it is several times harder to find it.

    You can spot the average malware from miles away regardless of your experience. But, only someone who knows his stuff can realize when a sophisticated malware has infected him.

    That’s because the average malware is visibly harmful and dangerous. If you install a program and right after that you notice that your PC is way too slow, then you immediately know who the culprit is.

    Sophisticated malware gets installed in silence and harms you in indirect ways which you won’t notice until it’s already too late.

    Take browser hijackers as an example. They get bundled with freeware programs and then they silently collect your personal information and sell it to 3rd parties.

    There are other kinds of sophisticated malware as well which don’t work in secrecy, but they still infect you silently and work in much smarter ways compared to viruses. AKA Ransomware.

    What is MalwareFox

    MalwareFox is the easiest way of dealing with malware, an all-purpose Anti-Malware. What’s that mean?

    Well, there are multiple kinds of security programs which are primarily focused on dealing with one or more kinds of malware.

    Like, Antivirus programs, Anti-Adware, Anti-Ransomware, etc. An all-purpose Anti-Malware program like MalwareFox focuses on handling numerous types of malware, but still not all.

    For that reason, it’s for the best if you combine MalwareFox with an Antivirus as the two of them focus on detecting different kinds of threats.

    Having both will provide you with an overall higher level of security. It’s true that we shouldn’t use two security programs at the same time, but that only applies when you have two security programs of the same kind.

    Having two programs that focus on different threats is completely fine. Just make sure that they won’t perform a scan at the same time. Having them running with real-time protection won’t pose a problem.

    Installation and Setup

    The installation process of MalwareFox is pretty straightforward and simple. Just click on this link, wait for the download to finish, and run the executable file by double-clicking on it.

    Then just keep on clicking “next” until MalwareFox is all set up and ready to go. That’s all you have to do from your part.

    It’s generally recommended to perform a full scan right after the setup finishes. In that way, you can ensure that you’re not infected with any kind of malware.

    After the first scan, MalwareFox should prevent malware from infecting you so chances are that you won’t have to ever look back on the scan button.

    But, do keep in mind that most security developers recommend performing regular scans every now and then.

    malwarefox interface

    User Interface

    The UI is so simplistic that you don’t even need to get used to it. It’s easy to navigate through the whole program right after installing it.

    On the bottom right there is a button for performing a scan of your computer for malware and on the upper right part, there is the settings button, the quarantined programs, the license key, and the overall report.

    You can use the box on the left part of the screen to scan specific file locations so that you won’t have to scan the whole computer.

    With that being said, it’s worthy of mention that a full scan generally doesn’t take more than 3-10 minutes depending on your files and computer.

    Features and Pricing

    MalwareFox offers a free trial of two weeks. After that, you have to buy the full version which costs about 30 dollars. Do keep in mind that pricing may differ from country to country due to taxes.

    You can check the different prices and obtain the full version of MalwareFox by heading at its homepage.

    As for features, MalwareFox offers real-time protection, behavioral analysis, ransomware protection, and browser clean-up.

    It’s worthy of mentioning that MalwareFox is a very lightweight program which makes it ideal even for low-end computers.

    It takes a little more than 100 megabytes of RAM and less than 0.1% of CPU usage while idle. So, for the most part, chances are that you won’t even notice that it’s there.

    When it comes to real-world performance, many people in blogs, forums, and Q&A websites have mentioned that MalwareFox often removes threats that other programs won’t even manage to detect.


    MalwareFox is an all-around great option for protecting ourselves against malware effectively and easily without spending a fortune.

    I see no problem with recommending is it as a daily driver and fully entrusting it with your computer’s security.