How to Manage Action Center Notifications in Windows 10

How to Manage Action Center Notifications in Windows 10

October 10, 2018 By kirsten

    Action center notifications were not high in regard when Microsoft first introduced it. In windows 8 they were much helpful. In windows 10, app notifications in action center gives you a quick access to use common settings and apps. But earlier in windows there was no specific location to view notification in the operating system. Microsoft’s promising streamline ecosystem makes good impact for the Windows 10 users. The new notification center provides all in one features in a single location like alert of your apps, updating issues, anti-virus alerts and many more. It also gives quick access to utilize your settings and operate easily.

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    Disable or Enable Windows 10 Notifications in Action Center:

    Getting notifications are much handy to operate as they are the heart and soul of Windows 10. But loads of notifications aren’t welcomed by anyone. If developer has made functionality to provide alerts, you get notification from those apps. I would also like to note you that you can only disable or enable notifications of an app once you get a notification. Unless you get a notification from your installed app, you can’t turn on or off alerts for that app.

    To manage, disable or enable notification follow the below steps.

    • From the right hand side of the windows taskbar toggle Action center icon.
    • Select All Settings button with the gear icon.
    • From the top-left corner of the screen click on System and afterward toggle to Notifications & Actions.

    A list of settings including notification will appear on the screen. You can toggle on/off beside the windows tips, app notifications or reminders as per you need. Else, scroll down of the window to disable or enable particular app notification like Skype, Facebook, twitter or outlook. From here you can also disable notification alerts while you’re giving business meeting or providing a lecture. To know more about it read our this article Quiet Hours.

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    You may see a problem in notifications and actions. Read: Fix Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization.

    Reject Individual Notifications:

    Well, notifications are handy to keep up hustle and bustle of digital lives. But ones notification you have read previously can clutter action center. It can prevent you from seeing updated alerts. Follow the steps below to dismiss it.

    dismiss notifications windows 10

    • From the windows taskbar located at the right hand side of the screen click on Action Center icon.
    • Keep cursor on the particular app notification you want to dismiss and then click X button at the right side of the notification.
    • Alternatively you can dismiss all the notifications. Click on Clear All in the right upper corner. To clear all the notifications from a particular app, put cursor on that app and click on X directly to right side of the notification.

    This will also dismiss your other windows devices notifications as you have dismissed them in your desktop.

    Change Notification Types:

    Like Android and iOS, desktop notification also varies in sizes, shapes and types. Selecting to view or hear a combination banner notification will give you a great experience in your Windows 10. It is a pop-up consist alert which appear on the lower-right corner of the desktop. So, you can set up multiple apps to show notification in the action center without any indication arrival. To do so, follow the steps given below.

    individual notification modify win 10

    • Go to Notifications & actions again.
    • Scroll down to select particular app and manage the notifications to access a more advanced notification settings.

    advanced notification options win10

    • As per your choices toggle on/off beside the Notifications, Show notification banners, Play a sound when notification arrives.

    How to Control Switch Quick Actions:

    The main core of notification in windows 10 is action center. It makes easy to access some of the most common features that built in windows 10. Two distinct components are divided into the action center. One lodging all the notifications and other is encompassing four buttons that perform as Quick Actions.

    These quick actions make easier to toggle on Tablet Mode. You can also access Display Settings including tools for turning on your locations and Wi-Fi. On a very important note, you can swap four of your most needed app at the bottom of the action center on a whim. So, you won’t have to click expand on that particular app to operate.

    You can manually choose which quick actions appear directly at the bottom. To do so, follow the steps below.

    • Click on Action Center located at the right-lower side of the windows taskbar.
    • Select All Settings button with the gear icon placed at the bottom.
    • From the top-left corner of the window select System.
    • Henceforth click on Notifications & actions.
    • A pop up window with host of icons including corresponded function will appear.
    • Now, as per your wish select buttons by scrolling that you want to swap out at the desktop.
    • Afterward close the window to apply changes automatically.

    Change Action Center Color:

    There is not much place for customization in windows action center. But you can change the action center color including start menu and taskbar as well as. Depending on your overall system preferences it dons some makeup in the taskbar if you change the color. Let’s know how to do so.

    • From the right hand side of the desktop taskbar click on Action center.
    • Select All Settings with the gear icon in the bottom.
    • Next toggle to Personalization from the right hand side of the appeared window.
    • From the navigational list from the left select colors from the possible options.
    • But you can toggle on the first option to compel windows to set an accent color based on your desktop background. Otherwise you can select color according to your wish.
    • Henceforth scroll down so that action center adheres to your color and transparency preferences.

    I hope this article will ensure a great windows action center notifications experience. Let me know if you have other ways to manage action center in Windows 10 in the comment box below.