Microsoft MCSA Certification Dumps: A Great Way to Prepare for Your Exam

Microsoft MCSA Certification Dumps: A Great Way to Prepare for Your Exam

September 3, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are many certificate courses that you can find in order to increase your skills. With the help of these courses you can learn new things and overall get better at what you do. If you are a person who is interested in computers, then you must have heard of the popular MCSA certification by Microsoft. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification or MCSA for short is one of the best certificates that Microsoft offers. It is considered to be an initial certification that you can get before your MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). The certificate is considered to be a trusted industry standard and that is why many people try to obtain it.

    Overview of MCSA Certification

    If you dream about becoming a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer one day, then the MCSA certification can be considered as the stepping-stone. According to the statistics, many IT professionals plan on getting an MCSA certification. Polls show that 75 percent of the IT professionals consider MCSA certification as a path towards MCSE, while others even consider it to be their end goal.

    The MCSA certification is a beginner level certification, however, it is still more advanced then MTA and is an important prerequisite if you plan on getting an MCSE certification. To get the MCSA certification, you have to pass 3 core exams and one elective exam.

    An added advantage of MCSA is that if you want to get you MCSE certification then all of your MCSA exams will be counted and you will only need to take three more tests.

    How to Get MCSA Certification?

    If you wish to get a MCSA certification, then you will need to pass a few tests. Note, that this certification is issued only by Microsoft and no one else, so if you wish to earn it then you will have to work really hard. One of the best things about MCSA certification is that it does not expire unlike MCSE or MCSD which do. This means, that if you have obtained the certificate once then you will never need to take a recertification test after a few years.

    There are few requirements that a candidate must fulfill in order to be eligible to take the test. Firstly, the candidate must have at least six months of IT experience.

    Types of MCSA Certifications

    There are few different types of MCSA certifications, some of them will be mentioned below:

    Windows Server 2016 and 2012

    If you take the MCSAs for Windows Server 2012 and 2016, then you will learn to administrate and configure computer networks that are based on these servers. In order to get this certification, you will need to pass 3 different Microsoft exams, which are:

    For Windows Server 2016:

    • Identity with Windows Server 2016. (Exam 70-742)
    • Installation, Storage and computer with Windows Server 2016. (Exam 70-740)
    • Networking with Windows Server 2016. (Exam 70-741)

    For Windows Server 2012:

    • Administering Windows Server 2012. (Exam 70-411)
    • Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012. (Exam 70-410)
    • Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 services. (Exam 70-412)

    MCSA Windows 10

    With the help of the MCSA Windows 10 certification you will possess the skills to fix devices running Windows 10. You will be able to provide technical support for these devices, and to get this certification you need to pass 2 Microsoft exams.

    • Configuring and Installing Windows 10. (Exam 70-698)
    • Configuring the different devices. (Exam 70-697)

    MCSA Web Applications

    If you obtain the MCSA Web Applications certification, then you will surely possess full command in many different web development frameworks and languages. These include ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 and C#. You will need to take three exams for this certifications.

    • The first exam is related to programming with CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5. (Exam 70-480)
    • Then comes programming with C#. (Exam 70-483)
    • Lastly you will have to develop web applications using ASP.NET. (Exam 70-486)

    MCSA SQL Server 2014/2012

    If you pass the MCSA SQL Server tests, then you will learn database management and analysis. However, this is not an easy certification as you will need to clear 3 different exams.

    • One exam is to use MS SQL Server 2012 and apply data warehouses using it. (Exam 70-463)
    • The next exam is writing queries using MS SQL Server 2012. (Exam 70-461)
    • Last comes administering MS SQL Server 2012 databases. (Exam 70-463)

    MCSA Universal Windows Platform

    If you want to become a certified app developer and software programmer, then the MCSA Universal Windows Platform certification is the one that you should get. If you wish to obtain this certification, you will have to pass three Microsoft exams.

    • If you wish to take the exam, then you will need to have experience in the mobile app development. (Exam 70-357)
    • Next you must also have full command over C# programming. (Exam 70-483)

    Are MCSA Exam Dumps Helpful?

    If you are willing to get the MCSA certification once and for all, then make sure that you are well-prepared. MCSA exams are not easy and even the best can fail at them, this is the reason why you should get all the help that you will need.

    If you do a little surfing on the internet, then you can find MCSA exam dumps. These dumps can be helpful as people tend to put their past experiences on these dumps. By going through those experiences and questions you can prepare yourself for what’s coming ahead.

    Preparing for the Exam

    Preparing for MCSA exams is difficult, however, there are ways and methods that you can use in order to make things easier. The first way to prepare for the exam is to learn online from a Microsoft Certified Trainer. These trainers have a lot of experience and expertise in Microsoft technologies and can teach you everything that you will need to know.

    However, if you yourself have experience in IT then you can find tutorials that will cover only the important parts of the exam that you might not already know.

    If you really want to give your IT career a head-start and get ahead of your competition, then the MCSA certification can prove to be very helpful. A certificate from a leading software giant will surely be a big help. Microsoft also offers other certificates besides MCSA and they are all worth checking out.