Meditation Gives You the Balance You Need

Meditation Gives You the Balance You Need

October 5, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Most people aren’t used or never have thought about sitting and saying “Om”. However, the number of people using meditation as stress reliever is slowly, but certainly increasing. Millions of people have converted to meditation through these last couple of years and they have realized that it does reduce stress, improve immunity and boosts the mood. Moreover, it helps resolve pregnancy problems, improves the heart health, eases chronic pain, restores psychological balance etc.

    regular meditation for peaceful life

    How meditation works

    Meditation can relieve any condition that has been caused by high levels of stress. Dr. Herbert Benson, cardiologist and founder of Mind/Body Harvard Medical Center has done three decades of research about the effects caused by meditation. He claims that with meditation you can lower your blood pressure, decrease the metabolism, improve the work of the heart and brain, learn how to breathe properly etc. According to him meditation is a massage for the body and mind that relieves tension from the muscles and the mind.

    In an experiment people that were meditating were scanned in MRI. The MRI showed increased activity in the parts of the brain that control the heart rate and metabolism. Other researches and experiments on Buddhist monks have proved that the brain of the person meditating shows improvement in the parts for concision perception, working memory, attention and learning.

    How to meditate

    The heart of meditation is repeating a mantra and focusing on the breathing. Once you are focused on these two things you will start ignoring your thoughts and create a biological response. That response is relaxation. A psychologist at the Centre for Pain Medicine in Atlanta, Stan Chapman has done a lot of research on the subjects. According to him learning how to meditate is not hard. You only need to be persistent and learn and practice the skill. The more you practice, the quicker you will be able to relax yourself and bring the balance to your life back. The blood pressure is significantly more balanced with regular meditation practice. Moreover, meditation makes you more immune to infection and other illnesses.

    In a different study a number of people were given a vaccine. Some of them were meditating and the others weren’t. Those were meditating had higher number of antibodies in their bodies. Also, meditation balances your thoughts, making you a happier person than before. You can start by meditating just a few minutes a day and soon you will bring the balance to your life back. Both, mental and physical.