Microsoft Edge Web Browser Review


Microsoft’s most recent operating system Windows 10 has come with a new browser called Microsoft Edge. Peoples were waiting for windows 10 as well as Edge. It is not fully developed browser. Microsoft may add new features in Fall 2015. But how is this browser now? You will know it in this article.

Microsoft Edge Official Logo HD

Microsoft Edge:

It is the default web browser of Windows 10. Microsoft is encouraging everyone to use it for its faster performance and improved features. Edge has some new features too.

What’s New in Microsoft Edge:

The first thing you will notice a different default/home page. The second thing is Reading View. But the most attractive new feature of Microsoft Edge is Web Note. Obviously you will also notice its faster performance. Another thing is Cortana the virtual girl. She will help you to have a great experience with this browser. You can change the browser theme from settings. Now two themes are available. One is Light and another one is Dark.

Reading View:

Reading view is a great feature indeed. Surely, you will like this feature. Reading view will remove extra parts of the webpage such as ads, design element etc. for creating a better reading environment. You will just see text, photos and videos. Microsoft Edge reading view tool does all of the things very smartly. You just need to click on the reading view tool’s icon from the top right corner of address bar. Look at the two pictures and understand how it will give you a better reading experience.

This is the screenshot of a webpage:

webpage screenshot microsoft edge

This the screenshot of reading view:

reading view screenshot microsoft edge

I think this two screenshots are enough to understand the smartness of Microsoft Edge reading view tool.

Web Note:

Web Note is the must like feature of edge. You can easily capture an image of a web page, mark anything, add notes & sketches, then save or share it.  by this feature. This better than any screenshot tools indeed. It can capture the entire webpage. That makes it different and awesome. Normal screenshot tools can only capture the visible portion of a webpage.

It has pen, highlighter, eraser, add note and clip options. You can use all of these according to your demand. Then you can save it or share it with others. You will find web note button on the top right corner of Microsoft Edge browser.

add note feature Microsoft Edge


Edge has a built in share button that lets you share any webpage via email, onenote & reading list.


Cortana is built in with Windows 10. If you are a windows phone user, you must know about cortana. She is your virtual assistant. Cortana will improve your search experience with Microsoft’s new browser. Suppose, You have typed ‘Weather Dhaka’ in search box. You don’t need to do anything. Cortana will show you the temperature and weather details of Dhaka City.

weather of dhaka search cortana microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge Performance:

Edge is better than Internet Explorer. Its page loading time is super fast that can impress anyone. It performs faster than the major web browsers. Many peoples think this is the fastest browser right now. My opinion also same. I use several web browsers in my PC. But i found edge faster than others. Overall performance of it is very good.

What’s lacking:

If you compare microsoft edge with other web browsers, you will find what features are absent in this browser. It has some new and awesome features and it’s true. But it doesn’t support third party addons/extensions/plugins. You can sync your history, bookmars and other information by chrome, firefox and other popular web browsers. So you always have the same information from any device. It is missing in Edge. Even some other good features are also missing in it. I already said this not fully developed. Microsoft will add some other features. Microsoft may add support for extension in fall 2015.

Our Score:

Based on some good points, this is our score for Microsoft Edge:



Though it’s super fast performance, Microsoft Edge is still is behind Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But it has a good possibility to be the number one browser. If you want a simple and faster web browser, It may be fit for you. If you ask me ‘Should I use Microsoft Edge?’, I’ll say Yes. You can try it.