Why Microsoft Office 2016 is better than Google Docs

Why Microsoft Office 2016 is better than Google Docs

September 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Finally Microsoft has released Office 2016. This is a modern office solution with tons of features. Office 2016 is available for Mac and Windows. You can purchase new license for lifetime. If you are a office 365 subscriber, You can use it.

    Microsoft Office 2016 has some awesome features. All of these make it better than any other office apps. Specially, I must say this is better than Google Docs. It may have many reasons. But i’ll discuss about the major reasons why microsoft office 2016 is better.

    5 Reasons Microsoft Office 2016 is Better than Google Docs:

    I don’t need to describe about all things of MS Office. I’ll focus on something that will help you to realize why you should choose Office 2016.

    1. Smart Lookup Powered by Bing:

    Microsoft added a great feature in office 2016. This is a new research tool powered by Bing search engine. By using it, You can easily get so many information by bing search. And obviously, You don’t need to leave office app. You just need to right click on any word to get more information.

    You will see search results on right side in pop up window. You will get information from Wikipedia, Bing images and Web results. This smart lookup system is really great.

    Google docs has this feature for many days. But Microsoft Office 2016 smart lookup is more powerful now.

    screenshot of microsoft office 2016

    2. Easily Finding Necessary Tools:

    Finding necessary tools is much easier now. Microsoft office has so many features. As a result, It was hard to find your necessary tools. But Microsoft has removed this confusion in Office 2016. You will see a new search tool to find any features easily.

    In menu of word, excell or powerpoint, You will see ‘Tell me what you want to do….’. Click on that and type what to want to search.

    3. Built-in Skype Calling Feature:

    Skype calling is another great feature of microsoft office 2016. You will get Skype for Business in Word, Excell and Powerpoint. In share menu, You will see all the peoples who have access on current document. You can easily send them message, make voice call and video call from your word, excell or powerpoint app. Surely, This is a great feature of Microsoft office 2016.

    4. Pick up where you left off:

    It is another awesome feature. It gives you the ability to pick up where you left off in any document. When you reopen a document, MS Will show you where you last worked. You can easily go to that point with one click.

    5. Some Advanced Tools:

    Microsoft Office 2016 has some advanced features. Detailed charts, mail merge and animated slides etc. are some of them. These advanced features are not available or limited in other office apps. With all of the features you can do better than google docs or others.

    These are the some major facts why Microsoft office 2016 is better than Google Docs.

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