Top 5 Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives

Top 5 Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives

September 11, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    It has no doubt that microsoft office 365 is so popular around the world. It’s a complete solution with many features. But the only limitation is its high cost. There are many users who are looking for microsoft office 365 alternatives. This article is for these people. I’ll introduce you some awesome alternatives to microsoft office 365. There are many office suits. But these don’t worth for money. Still, There are quality office 365 alternatives which are being used by many users around the world.

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    5 Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives:

    Here are they.

    1. Zoho:

    Zoho is one of the best office 365 alternatives. It can be a complete solution for your small business as well as personal usage. It provides standard office tools. You can start a free account and host your branded email without any cost. You also can use office apps for free. It has also some price plans which are cheaper than office 365. For more details you can visit Zoho’s Website.

    2. Google Apps:

    Google apps is a complete online office solution. Millions of users are using Google Apps. It has so many features. Google Apps price & plans are cheaper than microsoft office 365. Considering everything, It can be said that Google Apps is one of the best office 365 alternatives. But, Unfortunately, It has no free plan.

    3. Bitrix 24:

    Bitrix 24 is another amazing office 365 alternative. It is also known as the best zoho alternative. It has online office apps which are free to use. But the best thing i like is free CRM. Where maximum providers don’t offer free CRM, Bitrix 24 offers free CRM. You can easily host your branded email here as Google Apps & Zoho. But, You can get more things for free here. To know more about Bitrix 24, Visit Birtrix 24 Website.

    4. OX:

    OX is another one which can be considered as one of an office 365 alternatives. You can try it. It has various features and online office apps. It is not as popular as Google Apps and Zoho. You can know details from OX website.

    5. HyperOffice:

    HyperOffice is an another excellent office solutions provider. It has also business email and cloud solutions that can suit with your business. All these things appeal it to be an excellent Microsoft Office 365 Alternative.