MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Review

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Review

October 14, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    MiniTool Power Data recovery is one of the most popular recovery software for both Mac and Windows. It is a freeware. Free version allows to undelete / restore only 1 GB data. But Pro i mean premium version allows you to do unlimited. I’ve tested its premium version. Today my review is about its personal (commercial) version.

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    Review: MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal

    The first thing attracts myself is allowing unlimited amount of data recovery. It has no doubt that it is a better than many other similar competitors. In the mean time, Some alternative has more features. But having many features is not the key for that kind of softwares. The key is its performance.

    Features and Performance:

    It has all the features of free version such as Undeleter, Lost or Damaged Partition recovery, Digital Media Recovery and CD/DVD Recovery etc. The only difference is it won’t restrict you to restore 1 GB Data like free version. Another one is, It will load previous scan result. It is really helpful. If you scan a partition, You may not need to scan that again as you can view the previous scan result.

    I’ve used several data recovery tools. But MiniTool Power Data Recovery is definitely a better one. It can scan deeply and in scan result you may be able to see the deleted files of long ago. If the file is less than or equal to 20 MB, You can be able to preview it. You can be able to view only some selected format images.

    You also can filter the files from the scan result according to formats. It is an excellent feature indeed which will help you a lot. You also can search for any files. It’s undeleter’s scanning process is quite fast. But partition or digital media scanning process a bit slower which is OK. Because, It scans deeply which may require more times for better result. You can recover your files by clicking on recover button. And it’s recover process and performance is really impressive.

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    Its interface is really clean and user friendly. So, Anyone can easily use it. You can recover all of your deleted or lost files by a few clicks.

    What’s Lacking:

    You can’t scan individual folders by minitool power data reovery personal or any version. I think this is an important issue for a pro version of any similar tools. Though its performance is incredible, A simple failure may hurt its user experience. So, Hopefully, Developers will pay their attention on it.


    It won’t cost you much. But it is not a cheap software. It’s pricing starts from 69 US Dollar. May be, They could reduce it’s price a bit.


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    Last Words:

    After all MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an amazing tool for data recovery. Its personal (Pro -$69) edition comes with unlimited and powerful data recovery solution. It must worth your money. Despite of not being a cheap software and having a major lacking, I’ve really no problem to recommend it to my readers because of its incredible performance and quality.