How to Mirror Android Display to TV or PC Screen

How to Mirror Android Display to TV or PC Screen

August 15, 2018 By kirsten

    There is no doubt that many smartphone lovers’ first choice is android. Because of its features and app availability. They can be more happy to know that android is now able to cast its display to third-party device screen. It’s an awesome feature indeed. In this article, I’ll show you how to –

    casting android phone screen to television

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    This feature is only available for some selected devices. If you are using earlier android (Below Kitkat) devices, You may not be able to enjoy this facility. You may know the supported device list from here.

    Before starting the procedure, You should know that you can do it with or without chromecast. But many peoples may make you confused by saying you must need that additional device. Anyway, Let’s start –

    Mirror Android Phone / Tablet Screen to TV:

    It is a very easy task. If you want to use chromecast to do it, Here are the instructions –

    • At first, Connect Chromecast device to TV.
    • Now, You have to install Chromacast app in your phone or tab.
    • Make sure you have the same Wi-Fi connection and your mobile & TV (Via Chromecast) are connected to Wi-Fi.
    • Open Chromecast app. Slide out the menu. Then tap on Cast Screen/Audio.
    • Then tap on the Yellow button followed by the device that you want to connect.
    • When you start casting android display on TV, You will see an notification shade on your phone or tab. You can easily stop mirroring by a tap on phone screen.

    How to Mirror Android Display without Chromecast:

    If you have not a chromecast, Don’t worry. You also can do it. But in that case, You will need a smart TV that can connect to Wi-Fi. You may require an additional app that you will find in Google Play Store. Install the app. Connect your TV and gadget to the same Wi-Fi zone and follow the instructions of the app.

    How to Cast Android Display to PC Screen:

    Officially, I did not find any announcement or instructions to mirror your android phone’s screen to a PC. But i found some methods online. Here are they –

    • At first, You have to install an app from play store. It is called Mirror. Click here to install that app from play store. There may be some other apps that can do the same thing.
    • You will also need a Google Chrome extension. It is AllCast Receiver. Install it on your chrome browser.
    • Open the extension. In your phone, Open Mirror Beta.
    • Make sure, Everything is connected to the same Wi-Fi zone.
    • You will see a notification on screen. Tap to start casting your android display. It may take 1/2 seconds to start.

    You will need lolipop (Android 5.0) or newer android version to do it. But there is another way, That can do kitkat and other users.

    Cast Android by TeamViewer QuickSupport:

    TeamViewer is a popular program that you may know. It allows to mirror or remote control. It supports, PC to PC connection, PC to Smartphone or Tablet. So, You also can consider using this app to do what you want.

    • At first download and install TeamViewer QuickSupport from play store on your phone.
    • Also download TeamViewer Software on your PC.
    • Make sure you are connected to the internet. Then open the app on your mobile.
    • You will see a ID no.
    • Open the software in your PC.
    • Give the ID no. in your PC and connect.
    • Now, You will see the android display on your computer. You also can control the device from your PC.

    There are some other methods to mirror your android screen to TV or PC. You also may follow them by searching online.

    Featured Image Credit: PC World