MIT is Starting a New AI College for the Evolving Need for Technology

MIT is Starting a New AI College for the Evolving Need for Technology

November 3, 2018 By ellen

    Our computerized world started with huge computers that were not accessible to the public. Huge cell phones came out in the 1990s. Small computers, cell phones, ipads, notebooks, and other gadgets were not available. When the internet made its debut, the world as we knew it changed to a new way of communicating with our world. Information is at our fingertips. Our new world has changed the way we learn. Now, using machines to assist in learning is not unusual but common.

    Learning with AI

    Artificial Intelligence is not only a phenomenon that is necessary for many learning environments, but it has become mandatory to learn. The many disciplines of learning are changing into receiving information and assignments from a machine, not a person.  Machine learning has become necessary for many schools as our world is advancing in the way it gains information.

    Technology Demanding

    As the world is changing into a technological and demanding era for more information, every field of learning is affected. Data research and artificial intelligence are a part of many disciplines in colleges and other schools. Society is forced to move forward with the tide of change in regards to AI learning.

    MIT Gearing up for New Learning

    MIT is building a new college promoting machine learning and AI. They are delving into the whole arena of machine learning revolutionizing our world. Computer learning has to be learned by everyone; it is no longer exclusive to just software engineers.  Machine learning can empower society, education, disease prevention, and treatment. Artificial intelligence can be very beneficial in detecting diseases. Neuroscience and data development can work in collaboration.

    Computers vs. Brains

    As technology advancement progresses, will it take over the regular human brain? In fact, it can be like a human brain developing more with research capabilities. On the flip side, in relinquishing control to artificial intelligence means making human thinking subordinate to artificial intelligence.  In the future, the only way of learning that will be accessible will be via computer.

    Everyone Hooked into Data

    Artificial intelligence can have many benefits; but, it can be questionable if the human brain is no longer human but computerized. Machine learning is affecting everyone in many different ways. The hiring of employees and politicians are affected as well.  Everyone has data on them in the internet world, which can affect the hiring process and political candidates.

    Therefore, MIT is spending a one billion plan to built a college focusing on integrating machine learning into an academic program.