Mixed Reality Weather Warnings

Mixed Reality Weather Warnings

January 29, 2019 By ellen

    As weather changes drastically and sometimes for the worst, meteorologists are trying to find a way to place us into that reality-in preparation-by realistic simulations.

    Mixed Reality Segment

    Fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes can happen at any time. The new Mixed Reality segments show the worst that can happen before it occurs. It’s called mixed reality because there has to be some realistic component to the segments. What we expect in reality is a part of the forecast.

    How Efficient are Mixed Reality Segments?

    Meteorologist, Jim Cantore, explained the way he can communicate reality. The immersive Mixed Reality Segment is composed of a large green screen studio and special technology that permits a realistic experience to air. A video game set up is used to include graphics. There is a camera tracking device that when it moves “everything moves as if it was in real life..which allows the image to translate into viewing on televisions.”

    What Storms are Featured?

    Mixed Reality Segments is like making a movie and making it as realistic as possible.  Meteorologists choose the most dangerous types of storms: tornadoes and storm surge from hurricanes. They choose these types of storms so that they can predict and warn others of a future event with these happenings. This technology allows us to show examples of not only what the weather is going to do in the future, but also what the climate is likely to do in the future. 

    Showing Climate Change

    Showing climate change is another way to use the Mixed Reality segment. A meteorologist can show what will happen in the future if climates continue to be altered. The country can gain insight into the damaging effects of climate change.