Mother Files a Lawsuit for Her Son: Blocked from Junior Varsity Team

Mother Files a Lawsuit for Her Son: Blocked from Junior Varsity Team

October 31, 2018 By ellen

    A mother always wants the best for her child. When a child is denied access to different sports’ teams, anger follows in a parent. A parent always sees the talent or desire in their own children. No one will get in the way to hinder those opportunities.

    Sports is Embedded in Our Culture

    As a parent, nurturing that talent happens by placing their child in sports at an early age. In the American culture, sports is valued. Every boy in an American family is involved in some kind of sport.  Sports has become embedded in our culture since the last 1800’s.

    In every middle school or high school, there is a track and field. The environment is set up for boys and girls to choose a sport. Families encourage their children to perform well in sports’ teams. The pressure to achieve and be the best is highly emphasized.

    Demanding the Best 

    The mother of Ladue High School took her case to the federal courthouse after her son was denied access to the Junior Varsity Soccer Team. This mother obviously valued her son to be in sports to the extreme.  It is difficult as a parent to see the reality. But, all parents demand the best. She took her claim to court.  Apparently, her son played on the team before. However, he was denied being on the team again. His skills and performance changed. The coach admitted that his skills weren’t good enough for joining the team again.


    A mother taking her claim to court has to do with one reason: her child is entitled to being on a sport’s team.  Parents and children have an attitude of entitlement.  Parents’ expectations for their children is to receive what is due to them at all times. Even if a child displays struggle or is not meeting the skill-set, a parent sees the services their child deserves.

    The mother tried to make a case that her son is being discriminated against and not getting what he deserves. But, she didn’t realize that her son just didn’t have the necessary skills to be on the Junior Varsity team. The mom was willing to push the lawsuit further.

    Reality Hits

    A parent will fight for their child like a lion for its cub. Sometimes a parent’s eyes are biased. If a coach sees the skills as being absent, it is sometimes hard to hear as a parent.

    The coach actually said in court that he communicated nicely to the boy: trying to boost his self-esteem.  However, the mother was not satisfied and was still denied her request that would allow her son to play soccer on a Junior Varsity team.

    Even though she wants what is best for her child, the best thing is to accept the denial and have her child try again next year. Life doesn’t always give you what you think you are entitled too.