Configuring Mouse Scroll Speed – Windows 10

Configuring Mouse Scroll Speed – Windows 10

September 18, 2018 By kirsten

    Are you an avid reader or maybe a researcher – or let us say you just have a lot of reading to do on screen, which involves, naturally, a lot of page-swiping and scrolling? And have you ever found this scrolling and swiping business to be not quite in tune with your wishes? Perhaps you find it too slow – and despair not, a lot of people have had that complain with the Windows 10. This comes as a big hindrance for people who have to use the mouse quite a lot and the mouse eventually ends up consuming more attention than the document – which ends up being a nuisance. This is the ultimate Windows 10 reader’s dilemma.

    Well, if such is your problem, then you need not despair, not anymore!

    How to Change Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10:

    Sure, Windows 10 comes with default options like many other things. One of these set by default options is the scroll value for the mouse wheel. The scroll value for the mouse wheel in Windows 10 is set to default at 3, but it’s not fixed, which means that you can change it as per your choice. Here’s how you can configure the speed the way you want it to be in three very easy steps:

    Step 1: Opening Device Settings

    To configure the mouse scroll speed, you need to refer to your hardware’s user manual where you can change advanced features. From the Start Menu (everything starts with the Start Menu!), go to Settings. Once in Settings, go to the Devices.

    In Short, Go to  Start Menu -> Settings -> Devices

    Step 2: Modifying Scroll Speed Slider

    mouse wheel slider

    From the Menu box that now opens, you will find on the left side the Mouse and Touchpad options. Select it. You’ll find a slider there. Use it to set how many lines the scroll wheel should skip at a time in every single mouse scroll. If you want to configure it more conveniently, Follow next step.

    Step 3: Configuring the Wheel from Mouse Properties

    In mouse and touchpad settings window, Look at the bottom. You will see Additional mouse options under Related settings. Click on that. Now, You will see the Mouse Properties. Click on on Wheel tab.

    mouse-wheel speed settings

    You will see two options there. One is Vertical Scrolling and another one is Horizontal scrolling. By default, First one will be active with “The following number of lines at a time” function and its value will be 3. You can modify it or choose horizontal. You can set it to any number between 1 to 100. If you’re entering a value of your choice in the given box, you can also fiddle with the ‘one screen at a time‘ function if you want to. The one page at a time function simply swipes one whole page with each scroll that you make. The same goes for the horizontal scrolling option – one page at a time.

    A Quick Recap For You

    Start Menu – Settings – Devices – Mouse and Touchpad – Mouse Properties – Wheel. Choose and Set value according to your choice.

    And voila! Now that you have your scroll option fixed as per your wishes, you can continue with your work in peace and your mouse, similarly, will have its due. Mission accomplished!