Mouth Synthesizer: Unusual Music Transformation

Mouth Synthesizer: Unusual Music Transformation

August 25, 2019 By ellen

    Synthesizers, Making Another Appearance

    Soma Pipe

    The Soma Pipe was invented by Vlad Kreimer. It has 12 different algorithms: Orpheus, Octava, Pulse, and Harcho, along with Bassdrum. Modulations and unusual sounds project out of the instrument by using your mouth, dials, and breath. The Soma Pipe, like a mouth synthesizer, generates sounds that are unearthly:whale noises, beatboxing, or bird chirping. Drum sounds can also come out of this unique instrument.

    Synthesizers are an Instrument of the Past

    Roland D-50

    Synthesizers are from the 1980’s. The electronic sound was very popular. An electronic way of generating music, through the use of a computer or digital sound, was very common. Modifying and altering sounds has been a mystery for years. Every since computers have come into the picture, there has been an influx of music being generated via technology. The Roland D-50 was used for many of the 1980’s songs. Many of the familiar sounds created inspired and touched many people.

    What is so Different: Mouth Synthesizer

    Playing the Mouth Synthesizer

    The mouth synthesizer allows you to develop skills and dabble in different sounds. Sometimes the sounds are pleasing and sometimes they are strange. Through vocal processing and modifications, your voice becomes a beat or backdrop for sounds to to be processed. You are able to make your own vocal performance.

    Breath and Mouth as a Sound Generator

    Mouth Synthesizer in Detail

    The pipe makes your mouth into a synthesizer. The cylinder dials on the side control output and input. The sound that is generated does not sound familiar but extraordinary. Breath and mouth are transformed and manipulated into a unique sound. The different algorithms to choose from are the symbols circling around the dial at the bottom. The microphone is near the top,mouth piece, and sound effects button. These are controlled by you.

    Instruments of the Future are not Instruments of the Past


    Music, before synthesizers and electronics, was generated by authentic instrumentation. We have entered a new time of technology where it is infiltrating all genres of music. A produced piece of music with clean sounds, hooks in the song, and unusual melodies, is more of a focus now than the sounds of an actual guitar.