Multcloud Chrome Extension – File Transfer across Cloud Drives

Multcloud Chrome Extension – File Transfer across Cloud Drives

August 7, 2018 By kirsten

    Nowadays peoples prefer cloud drives more than a physical hard drive in PC / Laptop. Even some peoples love to store files in their own FTP server. Anyway, Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega etc. are becoming more popular. But problems arise when you have multiple cloud drives and have to manage them from several panels. As great solution, I introduced Multcloud cloud management system before. Which allows you to manage all of your major cloud drives from one control panel. Recently, It has launched their chrome extensions which improves file transfer experience across cloud drives.

    multcloud file manager transfer button

    Multcloud Chrome Extension:

    This extension helps you to complete active task in your multcloud account. You can install it normally like other extensions from chrome store. After installing it, You will see multcloud icon on top right corner of google chrome.

    How to Transfer Files from One Cloud Drive to Another by Using Multcloud Chrome Extension:

    It is very simple method. You don’t need any super technical knowledge. To transfer from one cloud to another, You have to do these things –

    • First of all, Install Multcloud Chrome extension from here.
    • Now, Login into Multcloud Account.
    • Now, Click on Add cloud drive and choose which one you want to add. You can add onedrive, google drive, flickr, dropbox, amazon s3, ftp etc.
    • After adding your preferred cloud drives, You can browsing your files from any of them.
    • If you want to transfer any file or folder, Just click on Transfer button from the top.
    • Now, Select the directory from any of your cloud drives which one you want to transfer. For example, Choose a folder from Google Drive.
    • After that, Choose the destination cloud drive directory. For example, I’ve choosed onedrive as destination.

    transfer files from google drive ondrive

    • After selecting the appropriate options, Click on RUN Now. You also can schedule task to transfer it later. Though you can’t schedule in free account. By clicking on options, You can choose how the files will be transferred. For example, It will overwrite or not, skip existing files or not, excluding or including certain files, email confirmation after completing task etc.
    • Now, Click on Multcloud Chrome Extension icon and see the progress. If you schedule it, You will get the transfer now button there. By clicking on it, You can transfer that file immediately. You also can cancel transfer from there.

    multcloud chrome extension file transfer

    By this way, You can track and handle every active tasks of your multcloud account. This tool is extremely helpful to transfer any larger file from one cloud drive to another. Even you can transfer your large website data from one server to another very easily.

    After installing this chrome extension, You will see an additional button: Transfer to Cloud in your google drive. By clicking on it, You will be jumped to multcloud transfer page automatically.

    multcloud google drive button

    Actually, You can do many things with multcloud. To control transfers more effectively, You have to purchase their Premium Edition which costs only 4.99 USD. Premium edition has better speed and bandwidth than free one.