MultCloud Review – Manage All Cloud Drives from One Place

MultCloud Review – Manage All Cloud Drives from One Place

October 8, 2018 By kirsten

    Like me, Many of you are looking for a solution that allows you to control all of your cloud drives such as one drive, google drive, drop box etc. from one single place. There are some services for it. But MultCloud is different. Because, It’s free. Its pro plan is also so much cheap for anyone.

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    MultCloud Review:

    This is a cool service indeed. You can manage all the major cloud drives from it so easily. It also allows to rename the files live. If you want to transfer a big file from one cloud storage to another, It can be very helpful. That means you can move files between cloud services that are available in multcloud. You also can view your files and share it with others.

    Currently, It supports Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Box, AmazonS3, WebDev, SugarSync, Flicker and many more. So, You can easily combine dropbox and google drive or onedrive and dropbox. You also can manage MySQL and FTP data from here. This is really a good feature i think.

    Recently, It has been upgraded to Multcloud 4.0. It has brought cloud sync service. Which is extremely helpful for any users who often feel necessity of such features. Here is a guide on cloud sync feature. Else, Multcloud now supports Onedrive for business and dropbox for business. So, Your business cloud drive experience is near to reach next level.

    There are also some services like MultCloud. But it is more secured. For security, It uses 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL and OAuth authorization system etc. Users’ files and date won’t be saved on MultCloud server. So, Your data will be safe.

    Manage all Cloud Storages from One Platform without Restrictions:

    Now, You may have question about its restrictions. Actually, It has not any major restriction. You can transfer as much data as you want. You also can upload any files. Size is not a matter here. But you should know that Multcloud won’t do any backup of your data. It will just give you the quick solution to manage all cloud drives.

    What Could be Improved:

    It is great service indeed. But if multcloud had the facility to edit doc files, text files etc, It would be a evolution. Its preview feature doesn’t support many common document formats. It also has the scope of improvement.

    Pricing & Plans:

    It is a freemium service. You can transfer 10 TB of Data for free. But if you want unlimited traffic, Then you have to purchase their premium plan which costs only 4.99 USD per month. If you pay yearly, You can save 30%. That means it will cost $42 per year.

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    Last Words:

    MultCloud is great solution that combines your cloud storages in one place and gives the full control to the users. If you have been using several cloud services, You can try it. You can learn more from Hope, You will like this service.