Guide to Use Multiple Email Accounts from a Single Gmail Account

Guide to Use Multiple Email Accounts from a Single Gmail Account

October 21, 2018 By kirsten

    Having multiple email addresses is very common matter. In fact, We need more than one email account because of some common reasons. But, The problem arises when we face difficulties to handle all accounts. We can get rid of this inconvenience by adding all of our email accounts in one inbox. Fortunately, This is not an impossible task. It is very easy to do. You can manage all of your email addresses from one gmail inbox. Is not it cool?

    Why You Should Merge Multiple Email Accounts:

    Using all email accounts from single gmail inbox saves time. As a professional person, You may be very busy. So, You must find some time saving ways to do your regular tasks. In this modern era, Email is one of the most important things that we use everyday. So, If you can manage all of the email accounts from one place, It will definitely save time. Maybe, It will save 2 or 3 minutes  everyday. But, Is not it enough to drink an extra cup of tea or coffee? Combining multiple email accounts into a single gmail also can reduce pressure on you. If you research, You will get thousands of reasons of managing everything from a single place.

    How to Add Multiple Email Accounts in a Single Gmail Inbox:

    If you have decided to combine all of your email accounts into one gmail account, You are in right place. Now, You will learn how to do it easily.

    To do this, You will have to go through some easier steps. Here are they.

    1. Add Forwarding Address

    This is the first thing you can do. Almost all email providers provide mail forwarding facility. Add your primary email address in all secondary email accounts as mail forwarding address. Suppose, You want to manage all email from [email protected] So, Add [email protected] as mail forwarding address in example2,3,4,5…[email protected] accounts. Here are the instructions how to add forwarding address in gmail.

    • At first, Login into your gmail account (
    • Now, Click on the setting icon and choose Settings.
    • Then, Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
    • After that, Click on Add a forwarding address.
    • Now,Type your primary gmail address and click on Next and follow onscreen instructions.
    • You will need to verify that you own that email address.

    After adding, It won’t automatically sent incoming mails to your primary address. You will have to enable it.

    • In Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, Mark Forward a copy of incoming mail to [email protected] (Your primary email address).

    From now, All of your email of this account will automatically be sent to the primary account.

    What if You don’t Find / Want to Use Mail Forwarder:

    If you don’t like to use forwarder, There is another cool way. In that case, You will have to follow some steps in your primary gmail account.

    • After login into gmail, Go to Settings > Accounts and Import.
    • From Check mail from other accounts section, Click on Add a mail account.
    • Provide credentials of your secondary email account and follow onscreen instructions.
    • It will give you the ability to read all emails of secondary accounts in primary gmail account.

    2. Add Send Mail as Address

    In your primary gmail account, You will receive all of the incoming mails of secondary account. But, To send email as your secondary account, You will need to follow a few steps.

    • At first, Click on Accounts and Import from gmail settings page.
    • Now, From Send mail as section, Click on Add another email address.
    • Give SMTP details of secondary email. If it is a gmail address, You won’t have to provide SMTP details. But, You will need to verify that you won the email address. You will get all instructions there.

    By this way, You can add all of your email accounts in a single gmail account.

    3. Control Reply from the Address

    By default, If you reply in any incoming mails, It will be sent from your primary address. For security reasons, You may not want your primary address be revealed to others. In that case, You can control the reply from address. Here are instructions.

    • From gmail, Navigate to Settings > Accounts and Import.
    • Now, In send mail as section, Find When replying to a message.
    • From there, Choose Reply from the same address the message was sent to.
    • Done.

    Now, You are able to use other email accounts (that you have added) more comfortably from primary gmail inbox.

    How to Send Mail from Specific Addresses in Primary Gmail Account:

    Okay, It is very easy to do. Here are instructions.

    • You can compose email as you do regularly. Just click on Compose to write new email.
    • Then, Click on from address and choose any email address you prefer.
    • Now, Send email 🙂

    So, Now, You have learned how to use multiple email accounts from a single gmail inbox. I hope, It will save your time. What do you think? Reply in comment box 🙂