Netflix Error NW-2-5 – How to Fix

Netflix Error NW-2-5 – How to Fix

August 8, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    If you are a netflix subscriber and using it in PlayStation or Xbox, You may encounter an error NW-2-5. It is a frequently seen problem for PS 3 users. Recently, Many Xbox users are also experiencing this error. When you try to stream anything or access Netflix, This error may stop you. Now, Know the reasons of this issue.

    Why Netflix Error NW-2-5:

    There are two major reasons behind this problem. These are –

    • Connectivity Issue with Internet
    • DNS Problem

    But don’t worry. This error can be fixed easily.

    How to Fix Error NW-2-5 on Xbox & PlayStation:

    This problem stop you to access Netflix. So, You should know the solution. Here are some methods to repair this error very easily.

    Method 1: Restarting Router

    • At first unplug the router from your Xbox or PlayStation console.
    • Now turn off your router.
    • Now plug the router with console again.
    • Turn on the router.
    • Now try to access Netflix and see if Error NW-2-5 Occurs gone.
    • If you are still facing this error, Follow next methods.

    Method 2: Restarting Console

    • At first turn off your Xbox or PlayStation.
    • Unplug the chord from power socket.
    • Unplug your console chords from TV.
    • Now plug chord to the power socket.
    • Plug console chords with TV again.
    • Turn on your PS or Xbox again.
    • Try to stream Netflix and see what happens.
    • If you still face NW-2-5 issue, You should be sure there is something wrong with DNS.

    Method 3: Configuring DNS Servers

    This is your last method. If possible reconfigure your DNS server of your router or console. You can try different DNS address. If still it doesn’t work. I would like to suggest you to contact with your ISP customer support team. They can help you to fix the network problem. It will fix Error NW-2-5 too.