Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts and Handy Tricks

Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts and Handy Tricks

August 13, 2018 By alberto

    There are a lot of handy tricks and secret keyboard shortcuts for Netflix. Some pretty awesome TV Shows like Stranger things, The Get Down, Orange is the New Black and Daredevils are really a great attraction for its users. That’s why 17 million subscribers still find it worthy of having subscription even Netflix has raised its rates. But customers are still confused whether they should keep their subscriptions or not for the cost of 9.99$ per month. Some amazing Netflix tricks and shortcuts can improve your experience with it.

    Netflix Keyboard shortcuts and handy tricks To Make Life Easier:

    Due to price increasing, Netflix may lose its viewers but it is delivering more original shows and series. It doesn’t come alone. Netflix comes with lots of handy keyboard shortcuts and tricks to make your experience easier. But the keyboards shortcuts aren’t listed anywhere. You may don’t need them daily but they may come across useful sometimes while debugging.

    Useful Netflix Keyboards Shortcuts:

    First of all, I would like to let you know all the keyboard shortcuts for the better experience. When you are seeing Netflix on your home computer then these shortcuts will make you smile.

    • Play or Pause – Press Space or Enter
    • Play – PgUp
    • Pause – PgDn
    • FullScreen – F
    • Exit Full Screen – Esc
    • Increase Volume – Up
    • Decrease Volume – Down
    • Mute – M
    • Rewind – Shift + Left
    • Fast Forward – Shift + Right

    Handy Netflix Tricks:

    Sometimes you may have troubles while seeing your favorite show and you can’t wait to see that. So, what to do at that critical moment? Gladly, there are tricks to fix those troubles, errors, and bugs.

    1. Streaming Options:

    Whenever you experience stream lagging, choppiness, buffering or something else then you should go for stream options. To do stream options manually press (Ctrl + Alt + + Shift + S).

    1. Audio or Video Statistic:

    You may unable to do stream options sometimes. So, check the current settings you are in by pressing (Ctrl + Alt + + Shift + D).

    1. Logging Window:

    Logging Window doesn’t come handy always. But it is useful when you face some errors, the stream doesn’t load, playback glitches in any way, other issues occur and you may see some relatable error messages. To open logging windows press (Ctrl + Alt + + Shift + L).    

    1. Prevent Buffering:

    Buffering is the most annoying problem that Netflix users face. It can happen when internet speed is too much slow. Actually, Netflix needs 0.5 Mbps speed stream and HD videos need more. Windows users can stop buffering by pressing Shift + Alt + Click Left mouse on the screen. Mac users shall press Shift + Option + Left mouse click.

    1. Stop Pauses Between Episodes:

    Between televisions shows, there come pauses of 15 seconds. Even it’s a very less time but you may not want to wait for even that.  Chrome users can easily avail an opportunity to skip those pauses. You just have to download a handy extension “Netflix Pause Removal.” This will directly move you to the next episode by stopping pauses and you don’t even have to press “Continue watching.”

    1. Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB For Netflix:

    People who watch Netflix on Chrome browser has endless benefits. They can add IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes extensions ratings. So that Netflix will let help you to decide what to watch next.  You just have to download Netflix Rate and install it. This will add Metacritic ratings on every content of Netflix. So, you will be able to see the shows and movies worthy of your time.

    1. Get Rid of Bypass geographical restrictions:

    This streaming service isn’t only for the U.S. This is a worldwide subscription streaming service. The contents are different from every geographical region. So, the contents which are been broadcasted in other countries may not be shown in the U.S or Vice Versa. The company isn’t really fond of bypassing its geographical restrictions. There are some legal reasons for it. So, the best thing you can do if your country is restricted to watch is investing in a VPN service. Netflix started blocking streaming by using VPN, Proxy or Unblockers. But, There are still some VPN services which works with Netflix. I would like to suggest you PureVPN, VyprVPN etc. Some of their servers still work with Netflix.

    1. Optimize HD:

    You want to get the most of your money when you are paying 9.99$ every month. So, it really makes sense to watch contents in HD. Many people don’t even check settings of the video. So, they don’t even know they can change the quality of the video. The setting is easier. You just have to paste the following link into your browser and click on “High”. This setting will let you see everything in HD. So, you just need enough internet speed to see everything in HIGH.

    1. Deleting History:

    You may feel embarrassed sometimes about your history. So, you don’t want anyone to know your history. Gladly Netflix allows you to delete items from history. To do it, head to Your Account. Then click on Viewing Activity under My profile. There you will get the list of everything you have ever watched. There is “X” at the end of every title featuring. Just click on “X” to delete those histories.

    1. You can Use Your Smartphone as a Netflix Remote:

    If you watch it on your video consoles then you have an additional challenge. Actually, the controllers for the systems are clunky to use as remote controls with the service. It is better to watch Netflix on smart TV’s but still, you can use your smartphone as a dedicated remote control. You have to make sure that the smartphone is on the same WiFi network as your console or smart TV. Open Netflix app on smartphone and console, choose content and hit the “cast” button at top of your screen on your smartphone. Now, choose the device you want to control with your smartphone. So, you can easily pause, rewind, fast-forward and navigate Netflix’s contents.

    Thankfully, you have known the keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts for Netflix. Stay with us for our further tech tips.