The New Gaming Laptop: Asus ROG G752VY Review

The New Gaming Laptop: Asus ROG G752VY Review

November 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    As someone who loves gaming and technology, I’m more into using game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. It was only just recently that I have been introduced to PC version of games, which actually fared better for me as there were more controls and features compared to a console. A laptop such as the Asus ROG G752VY seemed foreign to me!

    Asus ROG G752VY Review:

    While a console only had a few buttons, you had a whole keyboard and a desktop closer to your face to see everything! The only downside was the fact that I wasn’t so hot on being stuck to a computer for so long before I end up hurting my butt from being in one area of the house, unlike using a PSP, I can go out and play anywhere I want, or at least be able to move around the couch when using a PlayStation!

    I was then introduced to the power of a laptop. I didn’t even know laptops were able to hold such games! Because of that, I was more encouraged to check out PC games not available for consoles and the like. It’s portable so I could play anywhere, and still holds great features as if I were using a hardcore desktop. But of course, specs do matter when it comes to gaming, and it all depends on the laptop’s performance, similar to phones and other gadgets. You want the ultimate experience, having the fast and best performance in order to avoid lags and play a great game, may it be online or offline. So instead of heading on to the stores for phones and other smaller gadgets, I went in search for a gaming laptop for the ultimate gaming experience!

    Apple’s Macbook fared well, but with limited PC games available, it wasn’t the best to use, especially with specs that are better for professional use rather than leisure. I then found out about the Asus ROG G752VY.

    2015 was said to be Asus’ year, with their gaming laptops taking over the world of technology, being most featured and wanted by gamers and the like. Its become a popular brand because of its neat specs and fair prices, which got me wanting to test it out!

    Specs and Performance

    With a new Intel Core i7-6800HQ, it’s a good change. Other than that, it holds features of your typical Asus gaming laptop with an Nvidia GTX 980M graphics chip, 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM and four USB ports. It also has your usual mic and headphone jacks with a subwoofer that increases audio quality with its built-in speakers.

    It has TWO hard drives, a 128GB SATA drive, and a 1TB mechanical disk, so you’ll be able to save a LOT of games, media, files and such without worrying about storage space or having to get external hard drives. It has got Windows 10 preloaded into it, so rest assured you have the latest version. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, everything looks clear and vivid, with accurate colors and wide angles so you can see everything in clarity. You also have the option to connect to another display to make gaming and work experience better.

    Performance-wise, it’s fast and runs games smoothly. I have no complaints when it comes to using it for either work or play, because it’s got no lags despite heavy usage and number of programs running. What’s great is that it can also be maintained by itself (but of course you’ll have to have it cleaned every once in a while!) with dust-release thermal tunnels and cooling modules. The dust-release feature increases lifespan and stability, while the cooling modules help when playing far too much and your laptop can cool without you burning your lap or surface!

    Another feature I appreciate is its keyboard. Even when typing 30 keys at the same time, it is able to process every single command! It’s also great that the fans aren’t noisy and give me a quiet and efficient time when using the laptop.

    Asus ROG G752VY HD Image


    It’s got a 17.3-inch display with a 1.9-inch thick body, big compared to many other units. But being a gaming laptop, it sure does look like one! Huge keyboard and touchpad with cool lights and big vents to release heat, just holding it screams “GAMER!” At 9.5 lbs, you’ll definitely be able to workout when carrying this! All jokes aside, the whole laptop is massive, and I would recommend getting a bag or case bigger than a 17.3-inch one, as it may not fit. Though I do mention it’s massive, I believe that the feel is just right for a gaming laptop that can also be used for work.

    Just like most of its specs, there are no huge changes with the design. It actually has no wow factor, or something that puts an Asus signature on it. But it does look great with a dark metal finish and a red LED backlight. It does not look bulky at all and gives off a futuristic look any gamer would appreciate. The bronze finish has an “ancient meets modern technology” theme, but with panels placed in awkward parts, that’s one downside for me.


    Prices start at about $2,500 in Amazon, which is a pretty fair price for a gaming laptop with a lot of great features. But with the Asus ROG G752VY’s performance that’s comparable to its predecessors, I believe that the last series has better value.

    Along with the unit, you will also be getting a charger and its box with manuals and essential CD’s. Not only that, but Asus has a 1-year warranty protection service, so in case something goes wrong, you’ll be able to have it replaced or repaired withut a problem.

    What Made Me Go “Meh”

    I would first like to mention the design, which is a bit of a downside. While it would look great at first glance, its awkward panel placing makes it look bulkier than it really should. It has no wow factor against Asus’ predecessors, other than a slightly different design and a new Intel Core processor. I would probably end up getting an older version for a much cheaper price rather than have this as a permanent gaming unit, in all honesty. I believe that most of my complaints would be with the design, but it does depend on your taste. I would make do without the red backlight on the keyboard when working, though. I would recommend that if you have the previous series, you can wait for the next one to come out, as it doesn’t really hold much of a difference.

    Final Verdict

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    It’s a great laptop that holds promise, but like what I said, I would recommend an older version that gives the same performance rather than invest in this one. Or I would opt to wait for the new one to come out! But if you’re one who’s into the new Intel Core and likes the bronze finish and latest technology, then by all means go for it! It still packs a punch and gets the job right, and with an awesome keyboard and touchpad design with a huge screen, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy gaming and still be able to get work done at the same time. All on all, the performance is definitely impressive and I give its praise, but I know that this isn’t the best Asus has to offer. Maybe the next series will fare better!