Noveto’s Focused Audio Technology is New Innovation

Noveto’s Focused Audio Technology is New Innovation

November 26, 2018 By ellen

    Headphones go way back to the eighties, but we are moving forward with omitting headphones in place of directional audio sound. A new innovation will be launched soon.


    Tracking Sound

    Delivering sound to you without disturbing others is a new wave of the future. A personal sound will project right to your ears. Sound bubbles are built in any device to track head positions. These sound bubbles will follow the movement of the head to enable sustaining sound.

    Have you ever experienced sound that moves directly to your ears without headphones? Sound usually projects out to others, and it is not focused on one person.

    Headphones have taken many forms

    Stylish headphones have been the trend for a while, and now sound is being given a second look to make headphones obsolete. Headphones are used by everyone, but imagine a world where the idea of the sound travels in a clear direction. It would travel in a clear direction because the sound bubbles are like an endpoint to a line. Also, headphones do not protect your hearing.

    No Disruptions

    Sound systems might be a thing of the past for private viewing and fewer disruptions. The Noveto can be installed into various avenues of technology: car, monitor, TV, computer devices.  Imagine only hearing what Noveto is tracking directly to your ears. Everyone can listen to different output at the same time.

    Easy Accessibility

    Noveto’s focused audio is different — it’s “steerable,” Tomer Shani, a Noveto cofounder, told Business Insider during an interview. The audio sound bubbles are delivered right to your ears-3D tracking technology follows the position of your head and movements.  Noveto is also full of content in comparison to virtual reality. Virtual reality entails difficult set up as well.  Also, music, videos, and games are part of Noveto’s design.

    Issues and Hope with Innovation

    If your head was at a 90-degree angle the sound bubble might not exactly reach your ears. However, that can be easily remedied by placing the system above your head. This position would allow for more of an angle. The early prototype is in the young stages of development. The sound is not entirely clear where it extends fully to the listener.

    However, the whole goal is to deliver sound that will take the place of headphones on your head. The appeal of this project is to manipulate sound to extend it out farther to reach the head. There is much work to be done, but the idea will come to fruition just like other modern inventions we now use in daily life: cell phones, internet, etc.