The Open Rate Champion: Arranging Bulk SMS Campaigns through SendPulse

The Open Rate Champion: Arranging Bulk SMS Campaigns through SendPulse

October 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The customers are not against a meaningful conversation in most cases. Spam is what they really hate. The term “spam” meaning the network abuse came from email where the obtrusive repeating posts have been remaining a serious problem for decades. The mental association between spam and the bulk emails is harmful to both the email subscribers and the digital marketing providers. The average open rate of the email campaigns is fluctuating between 20 and 30 percent due to the spam concerns of the subscribers. Is there another digital promotion instrument having a larger open rate?

    How odd it may sound, the “trivial” SMS messages can boast of 90-95% open rate. Taking into account the number of telephone users exceeding the number of email boxes significantly, the conclusion which marketing channel wins in competition between those two seems obvious. Some may argue that the huge difference between contents that SMS and email contain makes the comparison unreasonable. Email can bring customers a rich content with amusing visuals while an SMS message is able to deliver a short text only. However, we are going to focus on the influential abilities of SMS. Just consider the popularity and power of Twitter in comparison with any other blogging platform.  The parallel with SMS and other marketing channels is apt.  Why SMS is effective in marketing and how to arrange a bulk SMS campaign via SendPulse platform is described below.

    Shooting to shell areas via emails

    Professional digital marketers suggest to check emails not more often than twice a day. It is common to find a dozen of emails including spam in your mailbox in the evening. How many of them will be deleted without reading? A bulk email campaign looks like shooting to shell areas when the result is hardly predictable. This is so due to the simplicity of arranging and the low cost of user databases for the email campaigns used by many irresponsible spammers along with the “serious” branded marketers. Checking their mailboxes every day, the users subconsciously expect a significant part of messages to be thrown to trash without reading. Such a behavioral pattern was created by the durable spam practice, and marketers should always keep it in mind.

    Sniper attacks via SMS

    In contrast to emails associated with the internet, SMS refers to the telephone service which is less regarded to the unauthorized communication. Many people have several mailboxes used for various purposes. The simple registration procedure along with the relative anonymity makes people take email boxes easy. Much fewer people have several telephone numbers. And even then, they protect them more carefully than mailboxes. Many prefer to keep the telephone number in secret because it provides a direct access to a person. Just try to find a telephone number of a movie star or a president.  Besides, many contemporary smartphone-enhanced services related to banking, payments, and delivery recognize a telephone as a particular type of a personal ID. Therefore, since we take our telephones serious, using SMS for marketing looks like a sharp-shooting with the almost guaranteed result.

    SendPulse SMS Service 2

    The users’ trust matters

    Just because the SMS channel seems very transactional, people are accustomed to paying a special attention to whatever comes from SMS. “Once it comes to MY telephone, it is to be very personal and getting down to business, no water, no bullshit” – is the general mental pattern we have with regard to SMS. Besides, SMS is more expensive having much more limited content in comparison with the other communication channels that prevents many spammers from using it. So, the “secret” of the record open rate of SMS lies in the users’ trust. Despite the content size limit, marketers should use the SMS channel within a particular scope of their promotional tasks. Especially when the professional bulk sending platforms such as SendPulse facilitate the process with automation.

    Where and when SMS works well

    The rich experience of SendPulse in SMS marketing can help marketers to decide when and for which purpose an SMS campaign is worth applying. The general rule of how to use SMS implies sending some factual information that can be compressed in 2-3 sentences.

    For retailers:

    – Warning consumers about the arrival of new goods or that a seasonal sale started.

    – Online shops can use SMS to urge the online shoppers who left unpaid goods in their carts.

    – Working as a reminder SMS can keep consumers informed about their order status.

    – A single-sentence announcement about a new discount program for regular customers can work as an effective call to action being sent via SMS.

    For service providers:

    – An SMS alert when some alterations in a customer’s service plan occur.

    – An SMS reminder regarding the regular service fee payments.

    – An offer to try some recently launched services and features.

    – Confirmations and approvals with regard to the fulfilled services via the self-service systems.

    – Notifications about vacant rooms in hotels or about the ticket presales.

    – Remote access permissions.

    How to send SMS in bulk effectively

    The contemporary business requires automating anything that can ever be automated. The internet-enhanced economy blurs the State borders allowing goods and services circulate freely throughout the Globe. SendPulse meets the challenge offering the automatic bulk SMS sending covering more than 800 networks in 200 countries.

    Sending Bulk SMS WorldWide with SendPulse

    The messages can be sent in accordance with a particular schedule predefined by the marketers.   Thus, the time and interval of sending imply both the automation and personalization. Such a feature improves the efficiency of an SMS campaign since the subscribers can receive messages in a proper time despite the different time zones of their location. Besides, such scheduling can help to avoid overloading of the customer support departments when all subscribers start calling simultaneously after receiving SMS messages at the same time.  The personalization feature of the SendPulse’s system allows indicating several variables such as name, personal discount data, number of coupons etc., that makes an SMS very individual for the recipients and facilitates the creation of another SMS campaign for the marketers at the same time.

    SendPulse SMS Service 4


    When a promotion campaign requires accurately hitting the target with regard to the dedicated subscribers, the bulk SMS sending works better than the email campaigns or any other digital marketing channel. The very attitude of the telephone users makes SMS the most reliable means of communication with the record open rate. Despite the limitations of content size inherent in the SMS messages, many promotional tasks can be accomplished through SMS. Retailers, service providers, and various e-commerce organizations can benefit a lot from the well-arranged SMS campaigns. The professional bulk-sending platforms such as SendPulse can facilitate arranging the SMS campaigns significantly. The automation and personalization features of SendPulse provide marketers with the rich functionality capable of achieving their promotional goals in the effective and inexpensive manner.