How to Optimize an Article by Yoast SEO plugin

How to Optimize an Article by Yoast SEO plugin

October 2, 2018 By kirsten

    Yoast SEO is the mostly used WordPress SEO plugin. All most everyone prefers it. There are many webmasters and writers who know how to optimize articles by using this WordPress plugin. But the beginners don’t know it. So, I’ve decided to write an tutorial article on it. Hope, You will like it.

    How to Optimize an Article by Yoast SEO Free or Premium Plugin:

    If you follow the instructions from, It will be very easy. If you purchase the premium plugin, You will get the video tutorials. Anyway, I’ll try to describe more clearly so that the beginners can understand easily.

    To optimize your articles properly, You have to follow these things –

    1. Write Natural Article on WordPress:

    First of all write a natural article on WordPress platform. I must suggest you to write SEO Friendly article. It will make more easy to optimize the article with Yoast SEO.

    2. Place Focus Keyword on Yoast Meta Box:

    Scroll down your mouse, You will see the yoast meta box. There you will see the box where you can type your focus keyword. If you have the premium version of the plugin, You can target up to 5 keywords. To add additional keywords, Just click on the ‘+’ sign.

    editing snippet wordpress yoast seo

    3. Writing Meta Description on Snippet Editor:

    Yoast SEO plugin has an excellent feature called Snippet Preview. It will show you how your article will be showed on google search result. You also can edit your search snippet from there. It is always recommended to write a meta description for your article. And you can do it live on snippet editor. To do it –

    • Just move your mouse cursor on the default meta description. Then Edit button will be visible.
    • Click on Edit button.
    • Now write your custom meta description for the article.

    4. Modifying Title if Needed:

    If you want to show a modified title on google or any search engine’s search result, You also can do it from live snippet editor. It is optional. You don’t need to do any thing, If you want to show the default title on search results.

    yoast content analysis HD

    5. Look at the Content Analysis:

    On Yoast Meta box, You will also see a section named Content Analysis. There you will see the full status of your article. If your article is missing your keyword on sub-headings, title or first paragraph, It will notice you. If your article is missing something that makes it less SEO friendly, It will also warn you. I mean, It will suggest you what to do to optimize your article properly.

    6. Adding Images:

    If you don’t add any images, You will be warned by showing red signal on content analysis. So, It is always recommended to add at least feature image. Not only that, You will also have to give an alternative text on the uploaded images. Otherwise, Yoast SEO content analysis feature will warn you by showing yellow signal.

    Now let’s See How to Add and Optimize Images in WordPress:

    Uploading image is like drinking a glass of water. You will have to click on Add Media. Then choose images from media files or upload from your desktop. Then add it to your post. But when you want to optimize the uploaded images, You will have to do following things –

    • Click on any of the images of your post. You will see some buttons above or below of that selected image. Click on Edit Button which looks like a pencil.

    edit button image wp

    • Now look at the popup window. You will see a box where you can type the alternative text for that image. Make sure, Your alt text contains the focus keyword.

    placing alt text images wordpress

    • Then click on Update to save changes.

    Adding Featured image:

    It is another important thing. You should have a feature image. To set feature image –

    • Scroll down and look at the left bottom side. You will see an option Set featured image.

    setting featured image HD

    • Click on that and choose or upload an image.
    • You should give alt text for this image too.

    These are the basic methods to optimize an article by Yoast SEO plugin. If you see that yoast is showing green signal, It means your article is SEO friendly. But it’s true that a plugin can’t make an article 100% SEO friendly. It will just suggest you to do the basic things. Again, You should not always follow all instructions from any SEO plugin. For example, If i eliminate ‘how to’ from the title of this article, Yoast will tell me this is 100% SEO friendly. But i’ve not done it. Because, In this case, I’ve used my own skill.