How to Optimize Windows PC Properly

October 28, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    More than 90% users prefer windows as their operating system for Desktop or Laptop. Windows is the most popular operating system for PC. So you should know some common trick or solution of windows computer. Because you may face some common problem. Slowing down your PC is one of the most common problems. So you need to optimize windows as a solution of slowing down your PC. And today you will learn how to optimize windows pc.  So let’s go

    Optimize Your Windows PC


    Steps to Optimize Windows PC:

    1. Use Compatible Hardware: First of all you should use computable hardware for your Windows version. In different way, it can be said that you need to install windows version which is compatible with your hardware.
    2. Update Drivers: Always keep updated the drivers of your PC. It will increase your driver performance and make your PC stable. It also fixes the bugs of your drivers’ API.
    3. Update Windows: It is one of the most important things. Never forget to update your windows regularly. It will fix the bugs and improve your computer’s performance.
    4. Use a good antivirus: A good antivirus can protect you from the viruses and any malicious attack. Virus, spyware, malware can decrease your PC performance. So a good and well known antivirus is must.
    5. Delete Useless Files: Always keep your PC clean. Delete unnecessary files from your hard drive. It will decrease pressure from your PC. So your PC will remain faster.
    6. Use Suitable Software: Using suitable and compatible software is good for your PC. It won’t decrease your computer’s performance so much. If you use software that is not suitable or compatible, it may harm your PC. So be careful.

    These are the most common matter not only for windows but also for Mac, Linux etc. But you need to know some extra tricks that will help you to optimize windows. Now I’m describing these solutions.

    1. Disk Cleanup: Use disk clean up. It will be pre-installed in your windows PC. Just Open start menu and then go to system tools and open disk cleanup. It is for Windows 7 or Earlier versions of Windows. For windows 8 or 8.1 just open metro menu and type disk cleanup. Then you will find it. Now choose which drive you want to clean up. And done. If you feel you need more advance files to clean. Just click on clean up system files.
    1. Temp: Go to C:/windows/temp. Now delete everything from here. Be sure that you are also cleaning hidden files from ‘Temp’ folder.
    1. Disk Defragment: Yes it’s an awesome tool for optimizing windows. Open it as Disk Cleanup. And choose which drive you want to optimize. Now done.
    1. Disable Startup Programs: It’s one of the most important solutions. Just go to run and type ‘msconfig’. Now press OK. Disable the unnecessary programs from Startup Program option. In Windows 8 or 8.1, just open task manager to disable unnecessary startup programs.
    1. Clean Browsers: Always clean browsers’ cookies and histories.
    1. Disable Unnecessary Features: You need to disable unnecessary windows feature. To do it just go to Control Panel. Now click on programs. Then go to windows features on or off. Now unmark which are not necessary for you. If you have no idea about it, please don’t do this.
    1. Enable .Net Framework: Go to Windows Features on or off as like before. Now click on ‘+’ sign of NET Framework 3.5.1 and mark both of them.
    2. Registry Cleanup: You can also clean your registry. But be sure don’t clean existing programs’ registry. Use trusted software to do this. But best way is you should clean it manually.

    I hope this article will help you to optimize Windows PC. If you need to know more, you can leave a comment.