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When you plan to speed up your website, Image optimization will be a big fact. Specially for wordpress websites image compression is must. Otherwise, You may loose your rank for slow loading speed. Lossless image compression is not a big deal today. There are many wordpress plugins and API available for lossless image optimization. A few are very good in quality. Optimus is one of them. Today, You will know all about this awesome image optimizer.

wordpress plugin optimus image compressor

Optimus Image Compressor:

Optimus is a image compression solution from KeyCDN. It is not a old in the market. But it is now one of the most popular image optimizer. You can easily reduce image size by 60% or more by Optimus. Obviously, You won’t lose any quality of images. Right now, It has a great wordpress plugin. That can be a very good tool to optimize images for your wordpress site.

Optimus WordPress Plugin:

Their wordpress plugin helps you a lot for your wordpress site. It achieved 4.4 rating out of 5 from wordpress. As a new plugin it has 7000+ active installs (10/26/2015). You also can check the user review from wordpress. Almost all of these are positive. By using this plugin, You can optimize all of the images at once. This plugin also can compress new uploaded images automatically without losing quality. There are also several options that may help you a lot.

You can download optimus wordpress plugin from this link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/optimus/

Optimus Image Compressor Performance:

I’ve already said this is a great image optimizer. You can compress an image up to 60% or more. If you can properly utilize this tool, You can be able to reduce your website speed by 7-30%. This is big fact for SEO. A SEO optimize website is also well image optimized. 🙂

When i tested its wordpress plugin to compress my existing images, I did not find any issue. Even, I try its automatically image optimization for newly uploaded images. In that case, I also saw the same thing like before. It is quite smooth and pretty fast. It doesn’t uses much CPU power. But in my another website, I found an image could be optimized more to save 858 bytes. This is a little issue i think. Almost all image optimizer has this issue. But this a important thing that developers should take seriously.

Optimus only optimize JPEG, PNG formats. If you are using SSL, Choose any paid plans. Because, Free plan doesn’t support HTTPS connection. In paid subscription, There is also another awesome feature. That is webp image converter. You can convert your images to webp format which is less weighted than jpeg and png format. I’m not asking you to do it. Because, All browsers don’t support this image format. Also, Read user reviews from Optimus WordPress Plugin User Review Page so that you can get more clear thought.

Price & Plans:

It has both free and paid plans. But i must recommend you to choose paid subscriptions. Because, It has very good features unlocked. It’s is also cheaper than any other image optimizers. They have no monthly subscription. So, You have to pay once per year.

These are the currently existed plans –

Optimus HQ PRO Optimus HQ Optimus
HTTPS connection Yes Yes No
Maximal file size 5 MB 5 MB 100 KB
Price $ 149 / year $ 29 / year Free

Customer Support:

Their customer support is also very good. If you face any problem, They will assist you. As a new comer in image optimization, They want to attract more users. Customer support quality is the key.

Our Rating:


Last Words:

If you ask me about my opinion, I must say yes you can use it. Optimus is a very good image compressor. But before that, Visit their website and know more about this new image optimizer. Here is the link: https://optimus.io