Organizing Your Phone Interactions With Microsoft Android Launcher

Organizing Your Phone Interactions With Microsoft Android Launcher

December 9, 2018 By ellen

    Microsoft, an inventor of our time in our digital world, has now added a new feature to the Android Launcher. Interaction with our apps will be accessed easily with an organized framework.

    It is a digital health feature that tracks the health of your digital interactions. Are we keeping our digital devices healthy by overloading it with apps we download, viewing time, and keeping videos/apps open?

    Digital Health

    The digital health feature also keeps track of organizing our day-sticky notes and to-do-lists. There is no need to have a notepad you carry around with you. Our phones are no longer just devices that we use to text and call someone. They are our to-do-lists, reminders, trackers of how much we use them. They are like robots, tracking how much time we spend with them: Are they talking to us in this mechanical way?

    Launchers Becomes Common for Every Cell Phone

    The Android Launcher has come in many different forms to enable a person to access apps and other features quickly. The Niagara Launcher is another android launcher that specializes in organizing apps for easy accessibility. The idea here is very straight-forward – you get a list of your custom selected favorite apps and a clock widget with date support too. The home screen part also gives you access to your notifications.

    Tracker of Apps

    The Microsoft Android Launcher is a great tracker of screen time and usage of apps. It is not only an organizer, but will help filter out what needs to be streamlined in our devices. It is like having a doctor for our phones; it is always checking on our status and activity.

    Cortana, A Friend

    The digital assistant (“Hey Cortana”) will also be installed with the Android Launcher. Cortana is like a personal secretary that can schedule appointments and launch applications. The digital assistant resembles a robotic like service that is readily available.  As cell phone technology advances, a hand held device is being transformed into a computer we carry around with us daily.  Would our lives be as organized without our phones?