How to Pair a Bluetooth Device in Windows 10

How to Pair a Bluetooth Device in Windows 10

September 20, 2018 By alberto

    Windows 10 operating system is definitely leading to its own specialty and handy features which are mostly missing in 7, and 8.1. One of the most excellent features I discovered in Windows 10 is pairing Bluetooth device on my PC apart from using [eafl id=”14527″ name=”” text=”Cortana”]. Yes, you are hearing right! You can discover inexhaustible features pairing your devices like android phone, wireless mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner and other devices in your Windows 10. Today, I will just tell you the how to pair your wireless devices with Windows 10 PC and grab those noteworthy uses.

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    Why You Should Pair Bluetooth Device With Windows 10:

    Before I talk about how to pair, I just want to dig into those indefinable benefits we can grab pairing Bluetooth for PC. It offers many reasons to enable it. Let’s get a look at some points of them.

    1. Share Internet:

    Sometimes, your WiFi connection gets interrupted to use your WiFi connection on your PC. You can use your cellular data connection from your iPhone or Android phones pairing Bluetooth connection with your Windows 10 operating system. We know sharing internet through cable is popular among many random users. But if you don’t have the cable accidentally and have an urge to access data connection in your PC, you can simply access data from your phone to computer enabling “Tethering & Mobile Hotspot.” You will be glad to know that tethering will consume less battery power than the Wi-Fi.

    2. Transfer Files Between PC and Mobile / Tablet:

    You can send your loads of Gigabytes of files from your phone or tablet Bluetooth enabled PC. It is faster and easier to transfer your files and having right away in your desktop without any hassle of cables. Actually, cables are always messy to use and store. Suppose your old cables are damaged somehow and you need to transfer files for purpose of your work. You just don’t need to panic and can easily transfer your files between Windows 10 PC and other devices wirelessly.

    3. Share Files Between Nearby Computers:

    You can transfer data between two computers staying in the same area but on separate networks. It is same alike transferring files between smartphone and PC.

    4. Use Unlimited devices / Hardware:

    Wireless connection in Windows 10 PC lets you connect necessary hardware and work fluently.

    • You can even connect your Bluetooth headsets in your windows 10 PC. You can hear music and talk wirelessly with the wireless connectivity maintaining an applicable distance PC desk. Apart from headsets you can pair your speakers or home stereo and enjoy the enthusiasm of your favorite music all over the home.
    • Wireless keyboards and mice for tablet and PC are favorite for many Windows 10 OS avid users and gamers.
    • Printers are useful for office and student work. It gives a comfortable and flexible feeling around your desk as it doesn’t create any mess of cables around your desk.

    . There are two ways to turn on Bluetooth. Let’s know them.

    5. Turn On Bluetooth In Action Center:

    • Open Action Center from the right-hand side of the taskbar clicking on the bubble icon or press Windows Key + A on the keyboard.
    • Now, click on Connect and enabled devices will appear to get connected.

    6. Turn On Bluetooth In Settings Menu:

    • Navigate to Start menu or simply click Windows Key on the keyboard.
    • Now, select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and devices.
    • You will see Bluetooth at the top right-hand side and toggle On to it.

    Pair Bluetooth Device in Windows 10:

    After successfully turning on Bluetooth in your PC, you have to turn on Bluetooth of other devices you want to connect with your PC. in a nutshell, both devices need to have turned on Bluetooth connectivity.

    • Windows 10 PC users have to click on Start button or Windows Key from the keyboard.
    • Go to Settings > Devices.
    • Now, select Add Bluetooth & Other devices.
    • Now, select Pair.

    If the Bluetooth of both devices is turned off, turn them on respectively.

    To remove the paired devices simply follow the steps I am giving below.

    • From the start menu go to Settings > devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices.
    • Now, click on the paired device you want to remove and select Remove Device.

    Well, I hope you are almost done with your devices pairing in Windows 10 PC wirelessly. You can share your comment if you face any problem or difficulty.