Phones Can be Folded, and They are Making a Showing

Phones Can be Folded, and They are Making a Showing

November 12, 2018 By ellen

    A phone you can fold and use as a tablet is about to make a showing? The electronics Royole company is already offering an order of a special device.

    Folding Device: A Phone

    Have you thought what it would be like if you could fold your phone? Simultaneously, the phone can also be a tablet and a phone-folding device.

    Cell phones at first were really large, then small, then flip phones, and then big again. Then, they became flat like a hand held computer. Now, you have phones that are water proof  with touch screens, draw on phones, and now a tablet/phone that can fold. Technology has come a long way and has advanced.


    What is the FlexPai?

    FlexPai  is the name of the folded phone, and FlexPai is a  a 7.8″ large, tablet sized, full color display screen that fits into your pocket.  Samsung is also making a tablet/phone that is foldable.  But Royole has stolen the show with their design and is already being marketed.  The cost of the FlexPai phone/tablet is in the $1000’s on Royol’s site. Because of the expense and the rarity, it is not a familiar device that is in everyone’s home.

    Early Stages of Development

    A patent has come out, and it is still in the beginning stages of innovation technology. When the electronics Royole company showcased its phone it was slow, and the apps were not sustaining themselves but kept opening and closing. The foldable phone was disorientated at times when it was folded. The system, hardware, and the phone’s mechanism to withstand the folding are in the first stages of development. It can be folded 200,000 times, but the functioning process of the phone is disrupted.

    The Good News of the Future

    The phone has an unbreakable AMOLED display.  The screen is particularly flexible.  The whole experience of using a cell phone will become more tangible in the future.  Watch out! Bendable will become the new trend in buying a phone.