How to pick desired email account in IOS for replies

How to pick desired email account in IOS for replies

October 6, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Is your IOS device using an undesired account for making replies and you do not know, how to pick desired email account in IOS for replies?

    If you have set multiple email addresses in your apple device, the replies will be automatically made from the default account that is being set. Your device will not choose the email for replying according to where the email is being received. Regardless of where the mail is received, your device will use your default account to reply to any mail. But this can be an issue for you at time because you may specifically want to use that account for replying where you have received the email. Don’t worry, as I am going tell you how you can conveniently select which account you want to use for sending emails and for replying, whenever you like. Beside, you can also change your default email account too. Here I am to tell you, how to pick desired email account in IOS for replies.

    So, it is up to you whether you want to customize your account address each time you reply, or you want to set your preferred email account as a default. However, you can set a preferred email account and if you need to switch the account for exceptional replies, you can just customize for switching account for a particular email reply. So, knowing both the technique might be useful as well as important for you. Therefore, I have separately added the guideline to help you in the best possible way.

    How to select desired email account for replying in iPhone / iPad-

    • Open the Mail app of your IOS device
    • Tap on the Compose option from the lower right corner of the mailbox screen
    • At the top section it will be visible that from which account the email is presently coming from. Press on it and you will see the From section which will now show its own field.
    • Click on the From field and it will pop up many account address option from which you can select you desired account address.
    • It will now choose the new email account for replying or sending a mail.

    Setting the default account is very important, because it is very convenient and saves time. It might now be possible for you to choose the account every time you send an email. Thus, know which account is more important for you, that you use most of the times.

    How to change the default email account-

    • Go to the Setting app of you IOS device.
    • Now press on the option which says, Mail, Contact, Calendar .
    • When a new screen option is opened by tapping Mail, Contact, Calendar, scroll down.
    • Now you will see an option named Default Account.
    • No select which account you want to set as your default account.

    I believe this will be useful for you, nevertheless, I will advise you to understand your convenience for the best possible utilization of these settings. But using both the procedures can be more beneficial for you.

    Please let us know if you facing further problems regarding, ‘how to pick desired email account in IOS for replies’ and we will try to suggest you more solutions.

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