Play Songs Without Opening iTunes

Play Songs Without Opening iTunes

September 6, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    I am an avid Apple user. I’m used to its design and program, so while I test different models and gadgets, I never steer away from the works of Steve Jobs. But there is one thing about Apple I most despise, and that is iTunes.


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    How to Play Music from iTunes Library without Opening iTunes:

    Don’t get me wrong, iTunes has been one of the best music players, but since it’s millionth update, its been bombarded with too many features I won’t be using anytime soon. Not only that, but with new music streaming apps that are much easier to handle, iTunes has only become a connection between my Macbook and iPhone now. But it does get annoying having iTunes automatically pop up when I want to play something from my library! I suspect some people feel the same way (otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this!), so here’s what I do to play music from my iTunes library without opening iTunes:

    Spotlight Search

    You may be familiar with Spotlight or have heard of it. Well, Spotlight isn’t a new app. It is your Search button by the Command bar on top of your Macbook! So, how do you play music using the Search button? Simple:

    • Open Spotlight by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right corner of your Macbook, or click on Command-Spacebar on your keyboard.
    • Search for the song you want to play, mouse over it and click the play button.
    • Close Spotlight and enjoy without the frills of iTunes! Just go back to Spotlight if you would want to pause or stop a song.

    Pros of Spotlight Search

    • No need to open any music player and have to wait for it to load!
    • You won’t need to continually scroll down to look for the song you want to play, simply type and click.

    Cons of Spotlight Search

    Of course, everything has got its own disadvantages. Here’s what I noticed:

    • You will need to go back to Spotlight to play/pause or stop music, as the keyboard buttons won’t work.
    • You can’t queue songs, listen to playlists or albums, and can only play them one at a time.

    Final Verdict and Other Alternatives

    Playing music with Spotlight Search is recommended for those who want to quickly play a song or two without having to wait. But if you’re one who likes queuing songs or letting it play continuously, then there are other music player alternatives besides iTunes suitable for your needs. Other than that, you can always stick with iTunes. While it’s a bit overloaded with features that get me lost, it’s also got its advantages and is a good music player, to be fair.

    Spotlight is not only of big help with playing music, but it also holds a lot of tricks up its sleeves, too! You can search for these tips and tricks online, putting that little search option to good use, other than just easily looking for apps or files you need to open.

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