Play Video as Desktop Background by VLC Media Player

Play Video as Desktop Background by VLC Media Player

October 14, 2018 By kirsten

    VLC is the best open source media player. It is one of the best media players for windows with a lot of features. One of the unique features is playing any video in your desktop background. I mean, You can set any videos just like your desktop wallpaper. I mean, You can use any video as animated wallpaper. Obviously this a cool feature. In this article, You will show you the way to do it.

    How to Set Video as Desktop Background by VLC Media Player:

    If you have not installed VLC, Just download it from Then install it. After that, Follow these steps.

    • Open VLC Media Player.
    • Now, Play any of your favorite videos.
    • Right click, On the video and choose Video > Set as wallpaper.

    setting video as wallpaper in vlc media player

    • Done. You have set the video as your wallpaper. Now, You can enjoy that with audio in your desktop background.

    What if you don’t see any Set as wallpaper option? Yes, It is possible that you are not seeing that option. It is because, Your media player is outdated or you are using an older version. In that case, You should upgrade it to the latest version. If it is not possible to update, There may be still way. In that case, Follow these things –

    • Open VLC.
    • Navigate to Tools > Preferences > Video from the menu.
    • Set your Video output as DirectX (DirectDraw).
    • In older VLC player, You should see an option named Enable wallpaper mode. Just mark it.
    • Now Save the settings.
    • Open any video and right click on it.
    • Choose Video > DirectX Wallpaper.
    • Now, See you are playing the video in your desktop background.

    There are are programs which can do the similar job. You can find them online. But VLC is an awesome media player for PC users. Almost everyone uses it. So, You won’t need any third-party program to do this thing.