How to Play YouTube in Background on Your Smartphone

How to Play YouTube in Background on Your Smartphone

September 5, 2018 By kirsten

    In your PC or laptop, You may play YouTube videos in background. Listening music from youtube has been very popular. So, You may play a playlist and minimize your desktop browser. Unfortunately, It is a bit tricky in your smartphone. Because, Official YouTube app and most browsers don’t support background play normally.

    There are actually several ways to play youtube videos in background on your smartphones. You may want to listen music uninterruptedly from youtube. But, When you just minimize the mobile browser or youtube app, It stops playing. Even, It stops when your phone screen goes off. So, These methods may help you.

    How to Play YouTube in Background on Smartphone:

    Now, You will know about a few methods to play youtube videos in background on your smartphone. Some of the methods may not work for all users. But, These methods will work in most cases.

    1. Play YouTube in Background by Web Browsers (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile):

    Normally, When you minimize your mobile browser, Youtube stops playing videos. Even when the screen goes off, It stops. But, If you can play a little trick, You may be able to play YouTube videos in background on your smartphones. You will just need to request the desktop site in your mobile browser. That means, Play your favorite videos in desktop mode in mobile browsers. For some users, It will work in android, iOS or even in windows 10 mobile. Windows phone 8.1’s internet explorer already let users enjoy youtube videos in background. Else, Mozilla firefox in android also lets you play videos from youtube in background even in normal mode. You will only need to change your browser settings so that will display desktop site instead of mobile. For chrome and firefox, You can just tap on three vertical dots icon and choose Request desktop site.

    2. Use Third-Party Apps to Play Youtube Videos in Background:

    Yes, There are some third-party apps that can play youtube videos in background. But, This is not such convenient as you are expecting. Anyway, Here are few apps that may help you.

    a. AudioPocket:

    AudioPocket is a free way to enjoy youtube music in background. It just converts your desired video into audio and plays it. You can download it from here. Then install it. To use it follow these instructions:

    Play YouTube in Background Using AudioPocket

    • Open and play a youtube video on official youtube app.
    • Now, Tap on share button and choose audiopocket from the list
    • You are done now.

    b. Audio Rocket Beta:

    Audio Rocket Beta is available in play store. It is really a cool app to find and play YouTube videos in background. But, The only problem is unlike AudioPocket, It will play youtube video in a small floating window. So, That you can do your other works while playing youtube videos. It is actually good for multitasking. But, This app plays video as audio while your phone screen turns off. So, It can be a great free solution, If you are a music lover. This app contains ads that may bug you sometimes. To use it, Follow these instructions:

    • At first, Download and Install Audio Rocket Beta.
    • Open this app and search and open the desired video.
    • Now, You will only need to tap on earphone icon to play youtube in background.
    • You will also find it by tapping on share button of youtube official app like AudioPocket.

    c. Awesome Pop-up Video Pro:

    If you want a similar but ads free app, Awesome Pop-up Video Pro is for you. It is a premium app which costs $2.01. If you want to use it, Just purchase it from play store.

    3. YouTube Red:

    Google has introduced YouTube Red not so long time ago. It will cost only $9.99 per month. But, It has great benefits. You can play youtube in the background, use youtube music app and google play music premium subscription is also included with for free. So, If you like to enjoy youtube and music in a more secure way, YouTube Red is perfect. Unfortunately, This is only available in a few regions. So, If you are from an unsupported country, You won’t be able to play youtube videos in the background by using official youtube app. To let youtube red play in background, You will need to do following things:

    Play YouTube in Background on Your Smartphone Using Youtube Official App

    • At first, Purchase YouTube Red.
    • Then, Open Official YouTube app.
    • Now, Navigate to Three Vertical Dots icon > Settings > Background & Offline.
    • Set Background Playback to Always On or Headphones or external speakers (Depends on your preferences).

    There may be other ways to play youtube videos in the background on Android, iPhone or windows mobile. But, These are the best ways I have found. I hope, These tips will be helpful for you.