Prevent Facebook Hacking And Secure Your Facebook Account

October 14, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Having Facebook account is the most common matter of this era. So it can be said most of us have a Facebook account. We can communicate with our friends and family by this social networking site. But do we think about our Facebook account security? It’s the most important thing for the Facebook users. Sometimes our Facebook account may be hacked by someone or hacker. If we can secure our Facebook account it’s so tough to be hacked our account. So today I will show you how to prevent Facebook hacking and secure your account. Let’s go.


    At first we have to know why our Facebook account may be hacked. Yes this is an important point.

    So let’s know the ways that make our Facebooking risky.

    Spam Links:

    Sometimes we may see some attractive links on our newsfeed. Being curious we may click on these links. It may cause death of our fb account.

    App Permission:

    We use many apps in Facebook. Some of apps want permission. If you don’t read details what permissions, it may cause of your account getting hacked.

    Fake Notification:

    While visiting some unknown websites, we may face some stupid notification such as ‘Your flash player is out dated. You need to update’. If you click on update or download, it may make a chance for getting hacked your fb account. Yes sometimes this notification is true and required for your device, but be careful about this.


    Sometimes your friend (actually your friend account is hacked) may send you strange massages such as ‘click this link to watch this funny video”. If you click that link, your account will be hacked. Then from your account that same massage will be sent to your friends.

    So it’s time to protect yourself and prevent Facebook hacking. Let’s know some steps to secure your Facebook account.

    Add Phone number:

    You should add your mobile number in your Facebook account and verify that cell number by clicking on verify button. You can make it visible to only you or everyone by privacy setting. So if you don’t want to share your cell number with others, just make it visible to “only me”.

    Set Security Question:

    You should add your security question and answer. Make sure that you only know this security question and answer.

    Add only known People:

    Some of us accept friend requests of unknown people. It’s totally wrong. Just add only the people you know.

    Turn on login notification:

    You should turn on login notification. So if someone access your account from unknown device, you will be notified via SMS, email or Facebook notification system. To do it just go to your account setting and turn on notification.

    Set Trusted Contacts:

    You must set trusted contacts for your high security. It’s essential. If your account gets hacked, you will be able to recover by your trusted contacts.

    Change Your Password:

    You should make a strong password using upper case, lower case, number and special character for your account. And make sure that you change your password frequently.

    Check Links:

    Before clicking any links, you should check these links via I have an article about it. So you should read that and know how you will check the strange links. To read the article click here. Follow this link

    Use apps carefully:

    Use Facebook apps carefully and always make sure what you are about to permit them to access.

    Avoid Facebook Theme:

    Some browsers have some plugins or extensions to change Facebook theme. Don’t use these. It may contain malware which will pass your information to the hacker.


    So I think this article will help you to prevent Facebook hacking and enjoy a secured Facebooking.