Products of the 80’s and 90’s with Modern Iconic Labels

Products of the 80’s and 90’s with Modern Iconic Labels

November 18, 2018 By ellen

    If Facebook, Netflix, or Instagram existed in the 80′ or 90’s would they have branded a pager, disposable camera, or a Speak and Spell from the 1980s?

    Label Power

    If Netflix could have branded these products, would they have been in demand for consumers? The Netflix label placed onto a slideshow viewer would now be making it appealing. It is amazing how the look of a label can become well-known and motivate people to buy and sell.

    Communicating Differently

    Pagers, Speak and Spells, and disposable cameras were all products used to communicate in our simplistic world-1980’s/90’s. Speak and Spells and Franklin Spellers were used for perfecting spelling, looking up words, and using a thesaurus. What if Google were to place its label on a Speak and Spell? Would it sell now?  Would it have sold then?

    Labels Caught the Eye

    Google, Netflix, and Facebook are popular labels, and the symbols alone have caught the eye of millions. Imagine if these labels were attached to products from the 80s.  If Google would have marketed items on very simple products, they may sell today under the name of vintage. Old products looking new and fashionable items would sell because what is really selling is the popular label.

    Aesthetic Quality of Labels

    The aesthetic quality of just the look of the product elevates the simple to sophisticated. It would elevate the products to sophisticated because of the label itself. The Instagram label on a disposable camera makes it somehow more attractive. The Facebook label on a pager would probably help it to be a hot item to buy.  It’s amazing how a label can change a product’s appeal.