8 Products and Services Google Ditched in 2016

8 Products and Services Google Ditched in 2016

October 20, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Google, like every year, has introduced new things this year, like Google Duo and android powered pixel smartphone. It also removed several things from its kitty bag to make space for the new offerings. Here’s a quick look at the products and services that Google has ditched.

    Products or services Google ditched in 2016

    Google Hangouts on Air


    Live streaming on YouTube has nudged Hangouts on Air from Google toward redundancy. Taking the cue, Google stopped it from Sep 12. To compete with the other popular live streaming services, Google had to let go the old service and enter the arena with a new one.

    Google Nexus Line


    Launched in the year 2010 and built by Google’s OEM partners such as Samsung and HTC, Google Nexus Line is probably toward the fag end of its life. Google has categorically denied any plans to completely stop the production of Nexus Line, but the launch and popularity of android powered smartphones means the inevitable is bound to happen, perhaps sooner than later.

    Google Picasa


    A service for photo sharing as well as storing photos launched in 2004, Google Picasa has become obsolete with Google Photos, which gives users a great way to share, back up, organize, and label their photos and videos.

    Project Ara


    In September 2016, Google decided to discontinue Project Ara, its initiative to provide modular smartphone. Ara’s slick prototypes and the option to upgrade individual components of the phone had piqued interest of many technicians. While Google has not been forthcoming on what led to sudden disbanding of its pet project, experts suspect slow performance and higher cost of the phone because of replaceable individual components to be one of the main reasons.

    Chrome apps on Windows, Linux, and Mac


    Google launched special apps which run inside Chrome in 2013. However, Google has confirmed that it is all set to cancel these apps from Mac, Linux, and Windows devices by the beginning of 2018. This move will make Chrome simpler, according to the Google team.

    My Tracks


    A GPS-based tracking application, My Tracks was rolled out by Google in 2009. The app became history from May, 2016, a move that can hardly be termed as surprising as Google now offers a new app named Google Fit.

    Google Compare


    Google Compare was phased out in March, 2016. The site offered a comparison of credit card, insurance, mortgage rates. The site was nixed just a year after its launch in the US because it was not as big a hit as Google had hoped. The company plan to invest more in Google Adwords.



    Come November, 2016, and Google’s Panoramio, launched way back in 2007, will cease to exist.