Why IT professionals should try Yoga and Meditation

Why IT professionals should try Yoga and Meditation

August 17, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    IT is a very challenging field and thus it can cause a lot of stress to the IT professionals. For a person to be a successful businessman or professional no matter what type it is, should have the following 3 things in him:

    • Inspiration
    • Determination
    • A clear Vision

    This will lead him / her to his / her goals and objectives using his leadership skills and teamwork without which a professional is incomplete. Its researched upon and proved that in order to be able to achieve this, Yoga and Meditation can play a huge role. Hence they are called as the most effective business tools.

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    In today’s world, everyone has indulged himself into a fight to achieve more and more because the world expects us to rise more and more. And so while we are working hard to attain that place up there, we most of the times forget to make time for ourselves. We get so caught up in our work that it leads to burnout. It’s not a sin to take care of your needs and to relax once in a while. And I believe there is no better way to relax your mind as well as your soul to practice meditation and do yoga.

    Why IT professionals should try Yoga and Meditation

    Following are some some reasons behind it.

    1. Improves Focus and Clarity:

    During our working hours, we get to face many obstacles. While fighting those obstacles one often tend to find himself facing a fight and flight situation. This happens almost every day and which is not beneficial for our state of health. As this stress can lead to worse problems in our body like an increase in heart rate and respiratory rate due to which heart problems may occur. This will also adversely affect our immune system and we tend to be ill sooner than ever. So in order to fight this stress Yoga and Meditation is a wonderful practice. It doesn’t only relieves stress but prepares your mind to deal with more of it. It provides with the clarity of thoughts and you can think clearly and calmly. And all this is a byproduct of the peace brought to you by Yoga and Meditation.

    2. Better Communication ability

    Once you start to think clearly and overcome your stress your mind is fresh again. When a person is in stress it also affects his communication with others. The stress reflects in his speech and he might be rude to others in the process. Now as Yoga and Meditation help him recover his stress so he can be good to his employees again and can have a smooth communication with them. This is a crucial thing for teamwork.

    3. It’s Relaxing

    Yoga and Meditation make your mind relax and once your mind is relaxed your whole body feels better. Jobs can be very stressful and there’s no better way to be stress-free than Yoga and Meditation. The beauty of this is that you can do this therapy own your time and for the amount of time you want to. It doesn’t matter that it has to be a fixed time but the more the better. The end result is always good and satisfying.

    4. Increased Immunity and Lesser Illness

    When a person is stressed all his body functions gets affected. We only tend to notice a change in the behavior but there are even worse damaging things happening in one’s body. Due to tension and workload the heart rate increases and the respiratory rate too. The pulse becomes abnormal and thus the heart and lungs suffer. In today’s struggling world there is no way to avoid stress. However, Yoga and Meditation helps you not only face it but fight it. The overall health improves reducing the risk of many heart and lung diseases.

    6. Improves Boss-Employee Relationship

    Everyone is going through a hard time in their lives and its not just the boss or just the employee. The race is equal for both of the classes. Thus we should not just consider one class having an edge over the other. A company who offers Yoga and Meditation as part of their wellness program for their workers shows their care for them. This will help it gain the loyalty of its employees and that will increase the productivity and employee retention. Loyal employees are ready to serve their company in no matter what possible way and are with it for a longer period of time. They would also know the fact that their performance is directly related to their own success and would no longer feel an outsider. As a result, they would work harder to maintain a company’s reputation and meet the goals.

    7. Makes you More Mindful about the world around you

    Doing Yoga and Meditation will turn your thinking to a positive one. The more you make time for it the better you become. As now you will start noticing your difficult situations and how you handle them. Instead of being all angry and mad over other people due to your stress and difficulties you tend to assert to Yoga and Meditation. This way you would become compassionate about others who are dealing with similar situations. Like then you won’t judge a person asserting to anger or the choices he made. You would understand what’s happening to them. This way you will become more mindful of yourself and how you treat others.

    These were some benefits of Yoga and Meditation for IT professionals which will help them not only fight their stress but also become a better person. They start to be more aware of their surroundings and be more caring towards their own selves. Yoga and Meditation help you to make time for your own self and slowly start a routine of self-care. Once you are fully into it you will realize how much better it is this way. And then don’t be alarmed and surprised at yourself when you assign days from your calendar just to self-care and nothing else!