How to Properly Remove Your USB Drive from PC

How to Properly Remove Your USB Drive from PC

August 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When owning a Windows PC, you’ll be able to reap many benefits from it, including the ability to efficiently store various files into your external hard drive, commonly known as the USB. The USB is one of the most useful inventions created, with it being able to keep as much files as you need, whether it be for work or personal use. It comes in different sizes and designs suitable for what you need or want! When using a Windows PC, it is required to safely remove your USB from the PC itself. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a hassle if you aren’t able to get it out safely, opting to simply pull it out. But that may break your computer! So in this article, we show you how to safely remove a USB drive on Windows without using Mass Storage.

    We Need To Safely Remove Our USB Devices

    How to Safely Remove a USB Drive on Windows

    You will be able to safely remove a USB drives on a Windows PC using these 5 easy methods that take no time at all:

    1. Using Windows

    This is the original method, where you simply go to the bottom right corner of Windows’ taskbar and right-click on your device, until you see the option to Safely Remove your device.

    1. Guessing

    If ever you aren’t able to eject your USB properly, then you may have to end up looking for the programs that may be affecting your USB drive, which is the main reason why it can’t be properly ejected in the first place. Check your open programs and quit them all properly. You will have to guess which program is causing the problem, and to quit it first before bringing it back on if needed.

    1. Third-Party Apps

    You’ll be surprised to know that there are dozens of apps that would actually help you be able to safely remove your USB drive. Some are free but may not work, while some are expensive after the free trials they give, which may be a bit expensive for those on a budget!

    Simply install the app and it will be able to act like the normal Windows Mass Storage, but with the feature of telling you why it won’t be able to eject properly if it won’t work. It even allows you to force quit the program that is causing the problem!

    1. Log Off and Back On

    It’s annoying and may take a bit more time, but it may be able to do the trick! You are shutting down the external drives and files saved to it, which will help remove it safely. Save your files before you log off, though, and that there is no other user logged on or this method will not be able to work.

    1. Shut Down PC

    If push comes to shove, then you may need to either restart or shut down your PC in order to get your USB drive out. It’s a bit of a hassle if you still need the PC after you eject your USB drive, but it’s the effective solution. Just make sure to save your files before shutting down your PC!

    In Conclusion

    Removing your USB drive safely is important in order to avoid your USB from crashing and losing important files you have saved in there. With these different methods, you will be able to safely remove your USB drive without fear of it breaking or going corrupt. Make sure that you share this information to your loved ones in order for them to avoid their USB drives from crashing as well!