Public Speaking Habits to Avoid in Every Presentation

Public Speaking Habits to Avoid in Every Presentation

October 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Most of the Americans face Glossophobia nowadays. It is a fear of public speaking. 74 percents people are suffering this apprehension according to National Institute of Mental Health. We do weirdest things when we are anxious and nervous is known to everyone. As a public speaker, you do many weirdest things that you can’t control always. Public speaking bad habits are one of the biggest ruination for your presentation. It can hose down your efforts and destroys audience’s outlook towards you. As a speaker you shouldn’t clench your hands, avoid eye contact or pace the floor because audience would surely consider you nervous, insecure and many more. Although these are some common public speaking mistakes everyone does.

    Presenters Should Know These Bad Public Speaking Habits to Avoid in the Presentation

    It makes me feel good and gives me pleasure when I listen to a good talented speaker’s speech. A good speaker has the ability to maintain audience’s attention for long periods. So, you should know all about to become a good speaker and avoiding public speaking bad habits will enhance your performance’s eminence .

    1. Not Supplying the Appropriate messages to the Audiences.

    When you are the speaker of a meeting and delivering a whole presentation, then you are the only key focus of everyone. You have to explain the speech to your listeners in a very superfluous way. You need to engage them with your ideas and presentation.

    But many of you could fail to do this because of not delivering the appropriate contents. You have to talk about audiences and every speech of yours have to be connected with them. When the speech is about them, they will listen you for hours and hours. Otherwise listeners might feel extricate, disappoint, anger and frustration on you and perceive you as an unprepared and zilch. So, stop giving off- shelf presentations that are not tailored with particular subject.

    1. Avoid Filtered Words.

    Some annoying words such as “um, err, uh, like, yaam,” etc can create confusion on listeners mind. Else, filtered words drag the attention also. It is a better move, if you stay silence rather than using these words. It will help you to look more confident and approach the listeners in a decent way. If, it has become one of the bad habits of yours then you will need a long time to break it.

    1. Apologizing for the Lack of Preparation in the Beginning of the Presentation.

    Whatever is your preparation let be it in you. Don’t let the viewers aware of it. When you are seeking forgiveness at the starting of a meeting about your preparation, the viewers set their mind that they are not going to satisfy by your speech. They also expect a bad speech when you already notify them about your unprepared speech.

    1. Not Doing Rehearsal.

    Everyone knows that a presentation is all about organizing contents, designing a slide deck and acquiring knowledge of the topic. But the most important part is missing and that is Rehearsal. This bad habit can cost in the audience seeing the potential in you and not understanding your oral performance. Perform the whole presentation aloud before the mirror at least for a once to ensure a full preparation.

    1. Doing Distractive Behavior.

    Sometime presenters do distractive behavior like fidgeting, playing with keys, pens, coins or notes, adjusting hair, clothes, twisting ring, gripping the lectern, placing hands behind the back, bobbing head and touching face. Else, some play with the things in their pocket. Well, these distractive mannerisms can make the audience unable to focus on the presentation. This public speaking bad habits can cost a much to your career. So, practice more to avoid all these distracting behaviors in the presentation.

    1. Lack of Communication with the Audience.

    Only talking with the listeners is a great mistake. You shouldn’t only speaking to interact them. It can be boring and make your audience feel asleep. If you want to communicate with them properly then you must ask questions after every point of your speech. You can also maintain eye contact and verbal interaction with them as well as.

    You should be well known of your public speaking habits to build up your better career. You can have a course to improve your presentation skills. If, you learn to avoid public speaking habits, you are going to do well in your job.

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