Purchase the Right Micro SD Card for Your Android Device

Purchase the Right Micro SD Card for Your Android Device

October 24, 2018 By kirsten

    What’s great about owning an Android phone is the fact that storage space is big enough to hold all the files I both need and want to put in. From models with storage sizes ranging from 4 to 128 gigabytes, you’ll be able to choose the best phone for you to store your files in.

    android memory card

    Unfortunately, you may need more space than what the phone stores. Apps, media files, documents, and other miscellaneous things may take up your phone’s internal storage. That doesn’t even include what your Android’s software needs! While you may install third party apps or have to search for things to delete, there’s a better solution.

    Choose Right Micro SD Card for Android Phone:

    If you’re one who suffers from having little to no space on your phone, no need to worry as there are ways on how to add in more storage space without having to uninstall needed apps or deleting necessary files.

    Micro SD cards

    Micro SD cards are now available as external storage for you to both backup your files and get a little extra space for your phone! There are dozens to choose from, so before you purchase the first one you see, make sure you know what you’re buying to utilize it the best you can. So here’s how you should choose an effective micro SD card for your Android storage needs:


    There are two main types of micro SD cards (SDHC and SDXC). The main difference is how much space each provide.

    An SDHC card have a capacity of 2 to 32GB, while an SDXC card goes from 32GB all the way up to 2TB! Of course the one with the highest storage is the winner, but some Android phones won’t be able to take the micro SD card due to its high capacity. Make sure you’re knowledgeable with as to how much external storage your phone can handle before purchasing the SD card for you.


    After determining how much storage you need, the next would be speed. This means how quickly the micro SD card can write data. There are three main speed classes new models support (Class 10, UHS-1 Class 1, and UHS-1 Class 3).

    UHS is short for Ultra High Speed that has two bus types (I and II) that help determine the maximum speed of the card. There are UHS-2 cards available, but only a limited number of Android phones support them. Again, your Android device can only support so much, so make sure you do your research to find what capacity and speed of SD cards are compatible with your device.

    How you know what you’re buying

    You’ll be able to find the information on the card itself, with logos and letters that symbolize what kind of card you’re buying, its capacity, and speed.

    You can purchase micro SD cards in your local tech store, or you can also find them being sold online at inexpensive prices. Just remember to do your research when it comes to purchasing the right micro SD card from a trustable source.