Rainbow Six: Siege Review – Putting Logic into PvP

Rainbow Six: Siege Review – Putting Logic into PvP

October 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Imagine being a leader in the battlefront, having to plan out every single detail and telling your mates what to do in order for you to be the last man standing. You’ll have to use logic and skill in order to go for the win, with endless of possibilities to strategize the perfect plan and get moving. And once you’re in the field of action, that’s where the real action starts and your blood is pumping as you see the consequences of your carefully thought out strategy, not just shoot or be shot. And that’s Rainbow Six: Siege in a nutshell.

    Rainbow Six: Siege Review:

    As a child raised from a family of gamers, I was inclined to video games that focused more on strategy and situation. That meant games that got me thinking and not just plain old action where all I have to do is keep shooting the enemy and keep killing until I get to the big boss. So I get easily bored with your average first-person shooter game with the usual storyline and not much to go from there except to drool at the fantastic graphics and laugh with peers when using the multiplayer feature. So imagine my surprise when I got Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege as a Christmas present from my family!

    It wasn’t that I hated it, but like what I said, I felt that games focused on shooting and violence weren’t for me. But upon trying it, I soon realized that it isn’t JUST a shooting game, but also one that requires good planning, strategies and logic. It got me thinking, and I liked it! The more levels I passed, the better I became at it, until the inevitable happened and the game was over and done with. Only for me to play it again. It’s THAT good.

    Apparently, this Rainbow Six has been going on for quite some time now, with this recent one being released just this December 1, 2015. While I won’t be able to give my comparison from the previous ones as I haven’t played it (YET!), here are some awesome points I noted down while playing, to get you excited for it, too!

    Storyline – Nothing but Situations and Tutorials!

    I was surprised that Rainbow Six didn’t have a campaign at all! Not much of a storyline but pure action with an equal amount of strategizing with teammates. While I do love playing with people online, it got me thinking how on Earth will I possibly enjoy if I were to want to play alone?

    Gratefully, they have a “Situations” option, where there are 11 different stories for you to choose from. Obviously no story but a certain type of situational analysis wherein each game has different options: From types of bombs, difficulty levels, what objectives to achieve, and all that jazz. It doesn’t beat having a story to follow, but boy, it gets the heart racing! It also helped me when I was a noob player, helping me train and see how things went before I got into the “real” thing.

    If you’re literally a noob at all shooting games, then luckily for you, Siege’s got tutorial missions that are quite lengthy, but will both teach and amuse you as you train the gamer in you. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and will learn the ropes. Tutorial mode is fairly easy, getting harder each time you succeed.

    Rainbow Six Siege HD Game 2

    While there is no story and with only replayable modes to choose from, it sure is a lengthy game, if you ask me. And for that, I give more points! The sad part about a game is having to leave it or replay the same old story until the next installment comes, but with Siege, I can make every Situation different with various strategies and different players online to choose from.


    Like what I said, with the different Situations to choose from, Rainbow Six also has different options to play with to replace the Campaign mode. While they have tutorial missions and Situations, Siege also has the heart pumping Terrorist Hunt and multiplayer mode, for the interactive and competitive players out there. It won’t fully replace the fact that there’s not story to base it on, but to be fair, the point of playing is to get me thinking and keep me on the edge of my seat which Siege has been successful in doing. With limitless possibilities on how to get to the enemy, it’s got me genuinely excited and filled with suspense, making me want more and more. Fortunately, that’s what replays are for!

    And what’s great about it is that there are unlockable characters, mods, machinery and the like for you to choose from and make each play different than the last. Like what I said, there is so much variety and endless possibilities to choose from as you try to survive in the different places and situations you’re in.

    Terrorist Hunt

    If you have had your share of playing first person shooter games, so have I. But you haven’t experienced anything yet until you played Siege’s Terrorist Hunt. The strength and strategies you’ll have to put into this mode has got both my heart booming and my mind racing as I try to put both physical and mental abilities to the test.

    Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay 2

    With limited life, you have got to work effectively. It’s through this mode where you’ll soon realize that each player’s got their own perks and disadvantages, and you’ll have to learn how to make all of them cooperate and plan it all with different operatives. I saw it as a math formula wherein you’ll have to find the best combination to get to an effective team to win the game, which further had me staying up all night playing.

    Multiplayer Mode

    I’m one who prefers playing online. Very interactive, competitive, and gives me more of a thrill as I’ll be playing with real people in real time. And when the game begins, there’s no turning back. You’ll have to go with whatever you’re going with and just hope and cooperate with your teammates to stay alive. So what amused me about Rainbow Six was that I was able to compete and cooperate with different kinds of players around the world! Strategizing with a real team proved to be so much more fun and heart-racing. I’m giving Siege plus points for the great multiplayer mode over here.

    Crashes and hangs are rare, but the wait for Xbox can take a bit long or will have to take a few retries, but after connection, it works great and you won’t have to worry about a thing right after! Just make sure your internet connection’s strong enough.

    Rainbow Six Siege HD Game Multiplayer Mode


    Graphics were awesome, but not the best. You can see that the developers have paid attention to the little details, but there’s something missing, and I can’t point a finger to it. But either way, it’s passable and the details put into the whole game overall, from chunks of debris to the huge explosions and gunshots, I would still give the developers props for a good game!

    What Made Me Go “Meh”

    While Rainbow Six has got a cool edge compared to other first person shooter games I’ve encountered, it’s also got its “meh” points, which isn’t a complete fail, but got me thinking that there’s more room for improvement for the next installments to come.

    Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay 3

    If you’re into Campaign and not so much with situational analysis and all that, then this game isn’t for you. While it’s a great game, I’m sure it wouldn’t appeal to every gamer out there, as some prefer something to follow through, or wold just like to go straight to the “real” action. With less single player games than usual, this is more focused on online gaming. So be warned.

    As for graphics, I would say that it does lessen my overall score, but just by a tad. I’m still impressed with it, but compared to other games, I wouldn’t call it the greatest. But other than that, it’s still the best game for me!

    My Final Verdict?


    Don’t just consider getting it. Just get it. Besides the “meh” points, another disadvantage of the game is that it gets too addicting and will keep you up at night. But I see that more as a great point. Just remember there’s life outside the game, too!

    Rainbow Six: Siege is available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. While it isn’t the best of the best of all games out there, it leaves a mark in my heart as one of the most addicting ones out there that get my mind working. There’s really nothing else like this game. It was a challenge that I would want to replay over and over again. I would definitely recommend it to any gamer for a challenge, or even just a newbie wanting something more than the usual! Just don’t blame me for the addictiveness that’s about to come once you start playing!