RAM Problem Symptoms and How to Fix it

RAM Problem Symptoms and How to Fix it

June 27, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    RAM! A very common word among the techy people. The full form is Random Access Memory! Computer stores temporary data on it and use when it needs these data. These are cleared when you shutdown your PC. Nowadays, Mobile, tab or any smart devices may have RAM as well as CPU. RAM problem is not very common.

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    Sometimes, You may encounter memory problem on your PC. It can be a serious issue. So, You should know the symptoms, causes and the ways to repair it.

    Symptoms of RAM Problem:

    May be it is less common than other problems. But it can cause many other issues on your PC. If there is anything wrong with your RAM or its modules, You will face the following things –

    • Your PC may start normally. But when you want to do any work on your Computer, You may experience a very slow performance issue though you have much RAM capacity. A small programs may take long time to open or a very simple webpage may hang on loading stage. After all, Your PC performance may become so slow or unresponsive.
    • PC may freeze suddenly and your keyboard or mouse may not response. After that it will restart automatically.
    • Your computer may restart right after opening desktop window.
    • Bad RAM may cause blue screen of death. So, You may face BSOD problem without any reason anytime. It can be so much annoying.
    • Attempting to install any programs may take long time or may stop without any reason or may show you an unknown error.
    • When you try to install windows to get back your normal performance, It may take very long time or shows you unexpected error. So, Sometimes, It may completely prevent you to install any OS on your PC.
    • Again, Your PC may make sounds “beep beep beep” continuously and your monitor may not show any thing.

    These are the common symptoms of faulty RAM issue.

    Reasons Behind Memory Problems:

    This problem can be caused by many things. These are the most common reasons –

    • Excessive heat can cause this problem. Sometimes, Your CPU may become over heated and cause RAM or other hardware problems.
    • Sometimes, Your memory module may have problem. That problem can also cause your RAM fault.
    • Power surges also may cause RAM problem as well as any other component damage
    • Else, There are many other reasons behind it.

    Diagnose RAM Errors:

    It can be diagnose by several ways. You also may know that you have memory problems by experiencing the symptoms i mentioned above. But the following methods will make more clear that you are really a victim –

    • Run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. It will show you the memory problems with a bit details.
    • Your PC may starts and you may access your PC. But during startup it may cause multiple beep sounds and it obviously proves that there is something wrong with your RAM or module.
    • If you are facing the memory issue after placing a New RAM stick, It will indicate the errors with the RAM module. Just disconnect the new stick and see what happens. If disconnecting new memory stick fix the RAM problem, You must fix that module. Because, That’s the real culprit.
    • Again, Your memory slot can be the real culprit. So, Just place the RAM module to another slot and see what happens.
    • There are many trusted tools to diagnose this problems. You also can use that.

    How to Fix RAM Problems:

    OK. Most of the time, You may need to buy a new RAM module or replace. Anyway, These are the things you can do –

    • At first diagnose. If you find the problem is with your module, Change it or buy new one.
    • If you see the RAM modules are ok but the problem is with your RAM slot, Then you will need to contact with computer manufacture customer support. If your warranty is expired, Go to an expert technician who can help you. In that case, You may need to replace your motherboard.
    • Sometimes, Reconnecting RAM modules can fix the problem. But it will be temporary.

    Warning (Read Carefully):

    You also should know that sometimes RAM problem can be misdiagnosed. Because, Graphics card error also may cause similar symptoms. Again hard disk error also may cause somethings. So, You should run chkdsk. Update all of your drivers and try to find out more deeply. You also may contact with your known persons who have experience of similar problems.

    So these are the things, You can do if you face RAM problems. If this article is helpful or useless, You can tell us by comment. We’ll try to improve our article quality.

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