Surprising Reasons Someone Might Fall in Love with You

Surprising Reasons Someone Might Fall in Love with You

August 12, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Love is one of the best things that can happen to a person. It comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as coming from different people around the world. You see it through a parents’ love for their child, or from a significant other. Either way, it’s a beautiful thing that most people want to experience. But how does love work, really? What are the psychological factors that make two people love each other? Here, we study about what psychological aspects of our mind make people love who they love, as well as debunk some myths that may actually be true!

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    What Makes People Love?

    1. Being environment-friendly 

    Studies have shown that people are more attracted to others who are advocates of the environment. People who buy eco-friendly products are more desirable and would be made for long-term relationships. This may be a no-brainer, since most people want someone who wants to save the earth. People who would purchase items for luxury are only seen as physically attractive and suitable for short-term relationships. After all, it’s the inside that matters most!

    1. Hard to get 

    Who knew that playing the game would actually make you more attractive? Studies show that women who are more distant to the conversation draw more attention to men. BUT, it would only be for certain situations. While they are considered attractive, they are less likely to be loved. Confusing, isn’t it? Which is why it’s best to just say what you want rather than play the game and risk losing!

    1. Face 

    No, not your physical looks, but by the way you express your emotion! Men love women who are looking happy and positive, while women love men who are prideful with an attitude. But what if there’s shame included in the mix? This is actually something deemed attractive by both men and women! Now you know what to look like on your next date.

    1. Love the unknown 

    People find it more attractive when they are confused with your feelings for them. Mystery is what gets people going, and not knowing you feelings might have people more attracted to you. This goes back to you playing hard to get, but don’t go too far into the game to risk your chance of losing!

    1. Looking like an ex 

    A bit insulting? Well, the truth hurts. Chances are, you may have a bit of similarities with your partner’s ex, whether it’s physical or in mind. People are attracted to those that remind them of their last partners, and while that may be a good thing to them, it may be something you raise your eyebrows to. But it’s best to let it be and let go of their past. But this only goes for women. Men are less attracted to women who resemble their last partners!

    1. Hand gestures 

    Using a lot of hand gestures means that you are expressive, and people are more attracted to expression. People are more attracted to those who use their hands and take up their space, as compared to those who stay in one place.

    1. Similarities 

    Do opposites attract? The answer is no! Studies show that couples who are alike are most likely going to last long. This is because they are able to understand each other better, rather than those with different thinking. You get to avoid a lot of arguments and agree with many things when you are alike, and you will have more things to do and talk about, thus strengthening the relationship.

    1. Three compatibilities

    There are three levels one must look at when in a relationship. Passing all three will measure your compatibility with one another. Here are the three levels:

    • What they teach you
    • What you feel
    • What you learn
    1. Staring contest 

    Couples who stare into their eyes for two minutes will have an increased emotion, with more attraction and love going on. Long periods of eye contact means that you have true feelings for the person and are able to commit.

    1. Smell 

    Funnily enough, the way you smell will also cause attraction and love. As long as you smell great. So it’s time to bring out the deodorant and perfume! Women ovulating prefer smells of men with high testosterone. Another thing is that women also prefer men with strong jaw lines.

    1. Looking like their parent 

    You’ve seen movies about how people end up dating someone exactly like their mom and dad, and it actually is true! People are attracted to those who resemble their parents of the opposite sex, as well as the age range when their parents met.

    1. Dog lover 

    Who knew owning a pet earned you plus points? Women prefer men with dogs as it seems to them that the pet owners are committed and are sure to take care of you in the long run. These make them suitable for long-term relationships.

    Not convinced? A research was made by one who asked women for phone numbers with and without a dog. He got more when he had a dog with him, as compared to now having one around.

    1.  Equal or uglier?

    Yes, as weird as it sounds, studies show that those who are better looking will have less attraction to those who do not meet their standards. As mean as it is, those who are better looking have judgmental comments, while those who were… well, less good looking, had nicer comments. People are more attracted to those who are equally good looking as they are.

    In Conclusion

    Are you surprised by these facts? Most of us are as well!

    While love may be something hard to find, it definitely isn’t impossible to have! You will be able to find it through many things, from the love of your family, down to the love of your friends. With these factors in mind, you now have a basis as to why people love. And in time, you may just be one of those people as well.