Why You are not Reaching Your Dreams

Why You are not Reaching Your Dreams

October 25, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The mind works wonders. Not only does it transmit messages to all the other organs of our body, giving us the will to live, but it also gives us the will to think. It gives us our opinions, shows us different perspectives, and each and gives us identity. Each and every one of us is different not just by the way we look, but also by the way our mind works, and that’s what’s so beautiful about people in general.

    Girl is dreaming

    Unfortunately, while the mind helps us think positively, motivating us to move forward, it also has a dark side we try not to let out. The negative thoughts are inevitable and may come from past events, sticky situations, or just how you feel that day. Because of the negativity the mind can bring, it gives us the lack of confidence and motivation in ourselves, especially when it comes to reaching our dreams.

    Reasons Why Your are not Reaching your Dreams:

    It’s very funny thinking that our mind thinks this way when you won’t even tell this to any other stranger! If you were to tell a stranger the similar things your negative mind tells you, then you would most likely get a beat up! It’s sad that we believe such things, so if you feel like your mind is telling you these six statements, it’s time to go against yourself and battle the thoughts!

    1. I don’t have what it takes

    Now first of all, you DO have what it takes! Just because someone has something you don’t does not make you any less of a person. In fact, many people have what it takes to reach their dreams, so long as they believe it. Famous people start from the bottom and without knowing what their skills are, maybe yours needs to unravel! The truth is, practice and focus is what will bring you to success. You have what it takes, you just don’t want to believe it. Embrace the opportunities and potential you have in yourself.

    2. I don’t deserve it

    What do you mean you don’t deserve the blessings that have and will come your way? This is the main reason why people stay the way they are, or why they are in abusive relationships. The truth is that we should start to know our worth, that we are better than who we are yesterday, and that you must let go of the things that make you believe that you aren’t enough to reach your dreams. You are worth more than what you think you are, and it’s up to you to see it.

    3. I have no time to do it

    We are blessed with so much time in our hands, but we always make the same excuse, thinking that we are too busy to put time and effort into reaching our dreams. You only keep postponing it, because you believe that when the time is available, you will be able to start. But the truth is, yes, while time is limited, it will never slow down. You can only learn to create time off your schedule to get things done and to prioritize what you really want to do, rather than waste your time. Even just half an hour of your time working on your dreams is still time well spent!

    4. I’m too old/young to do it

    We always tell ourselves that age is what limits us from achieving our dreams, that no one takes us seriously because we are too young, or that because we are too old, we cannot move as much, or it is too late to start dreaming. We either need to wait until we reach a certain age, or just sit and wallow in regret because of the fact we did not start in time. The truth? You are never too old or too young to do anything, and that age is not the limit. No matter how old you are, it’s never too early or too late to begin your dreams, whether you’re 14 years old or 61! After all, you can see hundreds of young entrepreneurs as young as 12, or famous people rising up to fame starting their careers as old as 65!

    5. But what about my past?

    People think that their past defines their present and future, that what happened before is a ripple effect that will be who they are in the years to come. The mistakes we have made in the past are what hinders or discourages us from progressing towards a brighter future. Our mind is wrong. The truth is that yes, while we have mistakes and have made some in the past, it does not dictate what your future is. Whatever lies ahead is not dependent upon your past, but at this very moment! Free yourself from the past, let it go and focus on today and tomorrow instead.

    6. I will only be happy once everything is achieved

    Once we achieve our dreams is the time that we can relax and feel successful. That we will be happy tomorrow and that once we achieve the goals we set, we are content. While this is a nice way of thinking, this is also a lie! When we accomplish our dreams, we have new ones, new goals to achieve as we push through with life. So that means we will never be happy, if our success depends on our dreams. Happiness is up to you today, and you cannot control the things that happen, only how you react to it. You can choose to be happy, you can choose to be sad. Focus on your dreams rather than how you will feel when the time comes. You will be happy while reaching your dreams, AND when you achieve it!

    The dream is alive and burning, it’s up to you to fight these negative thoughts and move towards a better, brighter future. You can start now!