8 Reasons to Uninstall Facebook App Now

8 Reasons to Uninstall Facebook App Now

October 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Do you want to delete or uninstall facebook app from your smartphone? Indeed, It is the most popular social networking app for Android phone till now. But, the reasons are solid to delete the app right away. There are more than a billion downloads on Google play store of it. Else, facebook has made every possible efforts for its users to use it in anywhere of the globe. They have widely spread its roots to every software platform.

    Reasons to Uninstall Facebook App Now

    I personally enjoy a lot using it. There are many features such as like, comment, share, messenger, articles, videos, GIFs, stories, news, images and the list goes on. But I don’t find any solid reason to use it constantly. Actually, constant use of it is a waste of time. Else, the official facebook app forces users to use messenger differently. So, it’s not a good deal for the users. 900 million facebook users don’t like using both the app on their phone. Thankfully, you can use messenger without a facebook account.

    Reasons & Why Should You Uninstall/Delete/Remove Facebook App From Your Android Phone:

    If you’re an android user so you can improve your phone’s experience by uninstalling facebook application from your phone. Actually, there are many alternative version of this app. They also drain a lot of battery usage and ram usage.  But there is no solution rather than uninstalling it.

    Today I’ll let you know the several reasons to avoid facebook app from your smartphone.

    1. Drains Resources:

    The Facebook android app has always been known as one of the largest draining apps. It doesn’t work faster on the old smartphone.  This app also makes the phone performance slower. It stays awake in the background continuously and consumes more than 300 MB ram usage. The CPU usage is also higher. The dual core snapdragon processor can lag down due to it.

    You can clear cache and data settings and you will see great differences in your smartphone. Actually, facebook saves all your stories and activity. But the app is updating frequently but your phone’s resources aren’t. So, this uneven combination is worthy of uninstalling the app.

    1. Use Facebook Mobile in Google Chrome:

    The biggest reason to uninstall the facebook app from your phone is to use it on your Google Chrome browser.  The most promising cut out of using facebook on your browser is that you can still receive notifications. Sign-in to your browser and opt-in the allow button. Even some features aren’t available in Chrome browser but still you can get rid of it.

    1. Smartphone Performance Improves:

    You won’t regret after deleting the facebook android app. You will surely experience expand battery and faster phone performance. So, using facebook on your Google Chrome browser can be a better move.

    1. Save Your Data:

    It’s okay when you’re at Wi-Fi zone. But a little bit away from Wi-Fi eats your data plan. Actually, facebook, twitter, Instagram & Google Plus apps are the giant data sucker. Using facebook on data plan costs a lot of money. So, it will be one of the reasons to delete the app.

    1. Battery Life:

    Facebook app is quite mobile resources drainer. So, most of the smartphone user don’t want to use this app on their phone as they really want to stay away from battery life struggle. A fully 100% charged phone can run for maximum 12 hours. So, android users don’t want to make a compromise with it and make the best of it. Indeed it is a battery drainer app to uninstall now.

    1. Wastes Time:

    Rather than doing our personal important works, we are focusing more in facebook. It is making us friendly with a virtual world for sure, but what about our real life? A real life happiness lies on a vacation with family and sharing them on social networking site. But, you never know when you get addict to this virtual life. I really don’t mind to uninstall this app to focus on my personal life.

    1. You Need Multiple Accounts login:

    You can’t log in with multiple accounts at a time in facebook mobile application. You need to log out each to access another account. It’s really an unnecessary trouble for users.  Many users go for android browsers on their smartphone to use multiple accounts. It can be a great reason to uninstall the app right away.

    1. Irrelevant Notifications May Kill You:

    As I told already, It runs in the background. You can kill it by task managers. It doesn’t work unless you have a rooted android phone. Every notification we get isn’t actually meant important such as game requests, group posts, invitations to like pages is a waste of time. A study says that social networking sites are intentionally involved with loads of tools to make users addicts towards them. Notifications are one of the tools that addict users for using them. So, delete it right now to get rid of those creepy notifications.

    I am not against of facebook mobile app to use it on the android phone. But there are some reasons to uninstall it and it’s also a trend nowadays among people.